Candy, A True Friend - Part 2

by Alex

"I-I-I don't know what to say!" I stuttered. My Aunt had just offered me a miniature pony foal!
"You don't have to say anything." She replied, "I know you will will take good care of this little girl."

I visited the little foal each day for 2 weeks. Each time I would try to name her but whatever I thought of, the name just didn't seem to suit her. The day before we picked up the filly, I helped mum build a stable,fit for a miniature pony. Finally, it was time to take her home. by then she had grown a bit and she had a long white mane. Her bay coat gleamed in the sunshine. Aunt Kristen had attached a trailer to the back of the car and had put the mini' foal in.

When mum and I had returned home, I showed the foal around my yard. She nickered every time I talked. I needed to name her, but it was really hard.

"Hmm..." I said as I sat down next to the mini' foal, "You are very cute and sweet, so sweet that I could eat you! Hmmm... Thats it! Candy! Your name is Candy, what a perfect name!" I jumped for joy. After I had fed Candy, we ran around my backyard. She chased me everywhere. Soon, I has exhausted. I sat down with Candy and she nibbled my toes as I watched the Sunset.

The next day I woke early to visit Candy in her stable. She rubbed her nuzzle into my stomach and I giggled.

"Good morning early bird!" Mum said as she stepped outside, her hair frizzed, "Last night I called the vet and she is coming to check Candy out at noon. But first, I think that you should personalize Candy's stable." Mum handed me a bag. I looked inside. There 4 tins inside, one was purple, one was white, another was hot pink and the last was light pink.

"Thanks mum!" I said. I let Candy out into the yard as I painted her name on the stable. I painted a big 'C' with light pink and put the rest of her name in light pink. I put a white cloud around it and with purple I painted lots of wrapped candy and lollipops.

At noon, the vet came, she checked Candy over and gave her a few needles. The vet left after she had taken Candy temperature and confirmed that she was fine.

The next night, something terrible happened, something out of my dreams.

Wait for part 3 to find out what happens to poor Candy.

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Jan 16, 2011
Hello? Please hurry!
by: Shine

You got to post in part 3! Its getting me nuts not knowing whats happening! Hurry!

Hope you don't think I'm rude.

Jan 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

What happens next?!?

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