Camp T'Sungani

by A horsecrazy rider
(Highland Village, TX)

Okay so one week during the summer I went to this camp on Lake Lewisville called Camp T'Sungani! They had horses and trails and stuff you could go on, too! So one day me and my friend went on the trail. I was riding Mazey, my favorite horse at that camp, and my friend was riding Belle, her favorite horse at camp! So we were riding along when suddenly Belle trotted over to a friend was trying to steer Belle away from the bush but Belle just wouldn't go! My friend was halfway into the bush when she suddenly screamed!! I was so startled I kicked Mazey (maybe a bit too hard) and we charged to go help my friend. When she finally steered Belle out of the bush, part of her arm was swollen a little bit and it was red. I took a closer look and realized she had been stung by a wasp!! We both raced as fast as we could make to the main building to get a counselor to help. Once we got there, the counselor said we had gotten there just in time. A couple counselors help my friend get the stinger out of her arm and after that we went back to our cabin and she said she felt much better. I was sooo glad because just a few moments earlier, I had been soooo worried about her!!

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