Bye Amber

by Mandy

Julia Jakes stood up in her stirrups and snagged a leaf from a branch above her head. She felt happy exhilarated in heaven to sum things up. The divorce couldn't get to her here. Not while she was riding daisy her palomino paint. No she wouldn't think of it. She thought to herself. Divorce a word capable of horrible things!

She didn't want to think about it but it just happened. She remembered her two-year-old sister dying. Her parents fighting more and more. They had a shaky marriage before before Amber got sick. Her getting sick was the last straw.

When they declared the divorce, Julia spent weeks crying herself to sleep. She still did. She leaned back in her western saddle and sighed. Daisy plodded on alert and swiveling her ears every which way listening to the winds and the birds chirping.

Daisy was the best horse you could ask for. She had got when Amber was born. I was eleven then. Life was so simple when you were nine. She remarked to herself.

Julia came out of her thoughts and squeezed daisy into a trot then asked for a canter. She sighed thinking of what had happened in the past few months didn't help at all. Now she was unhappy and moody.

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