Buddy & Buddy - The Short Story

by Aspen

Buddy the 2nd

Buddy the 2nd

This is the first part, it tells a cute story. You can find parts 2 to 6 in the comments section.

Buddy & Buddy were two young untamed stallions. Buddy the 2nd was the wild one. He was the one to get in trouble, was the one to take name and leave you in the dirt. He would want to fight any stallion old or young and would run side-to-side challenging the older stallion for a fight. If only he knew what was ahead...

Buddy the 2nd was about 2 1/2 maybe 3. He was an adult but he didn't know that. He ran wild and chased the wind not worrying about one thing. One day his mother called him to the herd.

"Buddy..." She said in a kind voice
"What is it mother?"
His mother Annabelle smiled. There is a stallion from far away. I said he could come and meet my little boy and me." She whinnied.

"What is his name and where is he from?"

"His name is Tom & he came from Australia, and..." Annabelle said but got cut off by Buddy.

"Wait a minute! You aren't going to let him live here? In our herd... are you?"

"Yes son. He has a son, about you're age whose name is going to shock you." Annabelle smiled shortly.

Buddy looked at her. "Buddy is also his name. He 1 1/2 years old and needs a good home." Annabelle told her son.

Parts 2 to 6 are in the comments section! Feel free to comment!

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Feb 28, 2016
Buddy & Buddy: Part 8 (Chapter 1: The Storm)
by: Aspen

Richard looked sad, and looked at the ground in anger "He has the mind of a foal, he's never grown up I've always been more mature than him, he's a child, and now he's snowing it." Richard thought in his head as he stomped up to a great place to rest.

Buddy the 1st walked with his head down the thick black mane waving in the wind, he wondered up to a little pond, taking a drink and thronging his head up in fright, "I didn't see you there" He answered not knowing who's behind him.

"I heard you and Richard, I didn't want to start a fight, you know for signing up to marry you, you do know I love you. I just don't know if you feel the same way about me though?" She answered "because I have feelings for you, and I would love to start a life with you."

Buddy looked behind him "Jan, right, yeah I love you, you're beautiful. And I would love to start a life with you too," Buddy smiled small and then putting his head down," I just had to tell Richard. I had to tell him to leave me alone, and that's the best way I could break the news.

She nodded "say, we go take a walk" Jan the light colored mare smiled rubbing up against Buddy and making him feel warm inside.

Buddy grinned and walked with her falling in love right away, "You know, I like you" Buddy smiled rubbing up against her neck.

The two walked into the forest, stepping over logs and meeting to a beautiful meadow. Everyone knows when you have fun the time fly's by?,
CRASH! The thunder and lightning cracks across the sky, dry lightning started to fly and light up the sky as if it was the 4th of July. Buddy filched as he and Jan hid under a tall tree for shelter, Jan ducked her head as the thunder rolled around and sounded like bulls butting there heads together. The ground begin to get wet and the river's raised with the winds, Buddy ducked with the flinch of Jan's side and the tree above cracked. There was about an inch of water covering the ground like a blanket, Buddy's long white hair on his feet turned brown and muddy.

"I think we should get going" Jan yelled over the rain and thunder.

Buddy nodded, stepping out a tree limb fell on his back, buddy flinched and reared up in fright.

"Buddy!" Jan yelled running over and calming him down" Are you okay?" She asked getting soaked and shacking silently

Buddy nodded "Yeah, I'm okay let's get back over to the tree, it will give us enough shelter for tonight."
Tom & Annabelle
--------------------------------------------------"I just don't understand, he should be home by now" Tom said worriedly.

"I know, Tom" Annabelle answered resting her head on Buddy the 2nd back.

"Well mother, do you think I should go just a couple miles in the forest, maybe I could hear him" Buddy the 2nd said looking at tom and Annabelle
*To be Continued* and please feel free to comment

Feb 25, 2016
Buddy & Buddy: Part 7
by: Aspen

Annabelle smiled small knowing Buddy the 1st knocked some sense into him,

"So, M-mom, I want to say sorry, and that you're right I have to take my place in this herd too." Buddy said putting his head down in shame

Annabelle nodded "It's okay Buddy, I understand, I was that same way" She laughed

Tom smiled at the family, and glanced at Buddy 1st in wonder "Son, can I have a word with you?" He asked.

"Sure dad" Buddy trotted up to him,

"Since you came of age too, I want you to pick a mate, I was thinking that nice mare Jan, you said you liked her, do you think you could spend the rest of your life with her?" Tom asked

Buddy thought about it, "Yeah dad. I said I loved her I meant it" Buddy smiled and blushed.

Tom smiled, "I'm glad you feel that way"

Buddy the 1st smiled but lost it quickly, "Dad I have to talk to someone"

Tom nodded and watched Buddy run off in worry,

"Richard, RICHARD WHERE ARE YOU?" Buddy yelled looking around on the high rocks

"Hey dude" Richard giggled trotting down and bucking wanting to play,

"Richard I have to tell you something, I'm getting married, I can't b-be F-friends with you anymore" Buddy frowned

Richard looked worried "You can't be friends with me anymore, Why?"

"I just can't Richard" Buddy cried and tears swelled

"Buddy, what's wrong with you?, we're best friends" Richard asked walking closer to Buddy, Buddy frowned and walked away,

"Buddy, stop right there" Richard yelled stomping his foot, and watching Buddy walk away sadly ignoring Richard.

Feel free to comment.

Feb 24, 2016
Please Feel Free To Comment
by: Aspen

Please everybody feel free to comment and tell me what you guys think.

Feb 24, 2016
Buddy & Buddy: Part 6
by: Aspen

Chelsea smiled but felt uncomfortable, with Buddy being so Close. so she moved quickly and trotted down to the herd with the other mustangs, Buddy the 2nd cantered down to his mother and tom and Buddy the 1st,

" So what's up yo!" Buddy said happily
Buddy the 1st smirked and turned his rear to him,

"Son" Annabelle smiled nibbling on Buddy's the 2nd mane

"Stop it mother.. I'm not a child anymore" Buddy frowned

"What came over you all of a sudden, you're all grown up," Annabelle smiled "Oh I just forgot, I arranged you a marriage, she's real nice and loves kids"

Buddy's mouth dropped open "Wait, you arranged me a marriage?" Buddy asked in a stern voice

Annabelle nodded "YES!.. you'll be married, and leading the herd in no time"

"But no mom, I don't want to get married" Buddy the 2nd yelled with ears back

"Stop being silly, buddy" Annabelle shouted back

Buddy looked down with tears in his eyes "I can't mother" He cried and tears drizzled down his cheek,

Annabelle looked sad "I no son, this is big for you, having my son, leading the herd, will make my dreams come true" Annabelle smiled small

"But mom" Buddy the 2nd cried and tears started to fall faster "I will not marry, not today, not tomorrow, not a million years from now. You can just DIE!" Buddy the 2nd yelled and Buddy the 1st glanced at him nervously, Buddy the 2nd pawed at the ground and took off running fast into the forest

"Father?" Buddy the 1st asked

"What is it son?" Tom asked

"Can I go talk to him" Buddy the 1st said and put his head down

"Sure son," Tom nodded and nibbled on Buddy the 1st thick black mane.

Buddy the 1st smiled small and walked slowly toward the forest.

"B-buddy" Buddy the 1st asked looking up at the forest top.

"What do you want?" Buddy the 2nd yelled rudely

"I kind of over heard on you're conversion with Annabelle" Buddy the 1st frowned "It's really amazing that you're getting an arranged marriage. I no it's scary. but it's a life time thing for this herd" Buddy the 1st said walking up to Buddy the 2nd kindly,

Buddy the 2nd glanced up at Buddy the 1st "I just no if I get hitched, then my life with never be the same, all have a wife and probably kids in the future, I don't want that responsibility" Buddy the 2nd frowned sadly.

Buddy the 1st nodded," I no, soon all probably put out to find a mate to, all probably go through the same thing you're doing now" Buddy frowned "And really, I'm excited, it will be a new adventure, for me and dad" Buddy the 1st smiled.

"You're excited?" Buddy the 2nd asked getting up and walking up to Buddy the 1st

"Yeah, I think having that responsibility, might be an adventure all never forget, it might be fun to have a foal, or two" Buddy the 1st smiled looking nervous

Buddy the 2nd nodded " Yeah, but that fun part in life will end, you'll be married and you can't go out and have fun anymore." Buddy the 2nd frowned,

"I know, but just think of the new adventure's you'll have" Buddy the 1st smiled bumping against Buddy the 2nd,

"I guess you're right. I guess I was being a little stubborn, and strong headed" Buddy the 2nd smiled small and reared up playing with Buddy the 1st

The two smiled and walked out of the forest, up to Tom, and Annabelle,

Please comment and tell me what you think.

Feb 23, 2016
Buddy & Buddy: Part 5
by: Aspen

Buddy and Buddy the 2nd looked confused about the parents laughter, shocked I think they where.

A young filly, a Dark beauty walked in front of Buddy the 2nd, Normally he was attracted by her and fallowed. Buddy the 1st stayed behind with his father, and Annabelle

"Hey" Buddy the 2nd said trotting down the hill sideways, showing off

The mare smiled but didn't meet eyes

"You'll hurt you're self showing off" She answered

"Ehh, don't worry about it. I'm a pro!" Buddy smiled

"A pro. well I don't no about that" She laughed and kept eating

Buddy the 2nd smiled " So, what's you're name?"

"C-Chelsea" She smiled and pawed at the ground uncovering daisy's

"I'm Buddy the 2nd,"He answered

"Buddy?" She giggled

"It's a Family name" He smiled

"Do you like daisy's?" She asked with a mouth full of them,

"Yeah. I love them" He said taking a bite

"ANCHO" He sneezed

"Bless you" Chelsea smiled

"Ehh yeah" He laughed

she smiled" Walk with me?" She asked and walked away swishing her tail

Buddy fallowed

"You see this tree, I was born here" Chelsea smiled

"Really?" He asked eating some grass on the way

"Yeah, my mother was molly and my father, well he died from horse slaughters. I was Very young and they almost got me to. but dad gave himself up for me" Chelsea frowned

"I'm so sorry, my father is dead too" Buddy frowned and put his head down " I didn't even get to meet him"

Chelsea nodded

"Yeah" She frowned

"So, who's the dark headed colt over there" She asked

"Oh you mean Buddy the 1st, yeah he's new and worse off he's my NEW stepbrother" Buddy mound in anger

Chelsea smiled "He's cute" She blushed

Buddy rolled his eyes" Most of the mares go to him, I just don't no what he's got that I don't" Buddy cried

Chelsea nodded "Well, it could be the look of you, you are kind of smelly" Chelsea laughed

"Really?" buddy asked hiding his face behind his leg

Chelsea laughed " No I'm kidding, I like you just the way you are" she smiled

Buddy smiled, resting his head on her back.

Feb 23, 2016
Buddy & Buddy: Part 4
by: Aspen

Buddy the 2nd gritted his teeth standing up kind of wobbly,

Buddy the 1st reared up showing he's not afraid,

"You think you're brave, but really you're going to get you're Butt kicked" Buddy the 2nd yelled rearing up and ramming in to Buddy the 1st, Buddy the 1st fought like he never fought before But Buddy the 2nd was just to strong, and way more experienced.

"NO, you're going to get you're Butt kicked" Buddy the 1st said grabbing a chunk of mane and pulling it,

"Let go of my mane," Buddy the 2nd yelled

Buddy the 1st grabbed Buddy the 2nd leg and tripped him, "I told you not to mess with me" Buddy the 1st cried standing tall in front of Buddy the 2nd, with a swish in the tail he turned and walked away,

Buddy the 2nd thought about it?, " Only if I could knocking him off the cliff" Buddy the 2nd smiled evil,

He ran fast rearing up and landing on Buddy the 1st back, knocking him down to his knees and pushing with all his might!

"Don't push me off" Buddy the 1st yelled and grabbed the thick mane of Buddy the 2nd

There was something that happened just then, friendship started and Buddy the 2nd had Mixed Message in his mind

"HELP ME!" Buddy the 1st yelled grabbing hold of rocks with his mouth and trying to pull his huge Clydesdale body up a cliff,

There was something that told Buddy the 2nd to HELP, and so he did. When the young stallions got up and safe, they started laughing hard, and not fighting nor being mean, friendship started to surround them?

The stallions walked back together leaving Richard behind-Tom looked up from grazing with Annabelle in shock, Annabelle done the same

"Hello son" Tom asked

"Hello father" Buddy the 1st smiled not even the same stallion anymore

"It looks like you two young men have gotten along" Annabelle said properly

Tom smiled "Well, I or we have something to tell you" Tom smiled

Buddy waited for him to talk with ears perked

"Me and Annabelle are going to stay Together, so you two are now BROTHERS!" Tom said glancing at Annabelle

Buddy the 1st smiled, not knocking how to take what tom said "being brothers with someone I almost killed might not be so easy" thought Buddy the 1st in his head, Buddy the 2nd thought the same thing.

"So.. is that going to be okay? "Annabelle asked the two

"Yeah, I guess so" they both said at the same time, the two looked at each other-

"Stop copying me" Buddy the 1st yelled

"I'm not copying you" Buddy the 2nd yelled back

"Just another day in paradise" Annabelle smiled

"You got that tight" Tom laughed

Feb 22, 2016
Buddy & Buddy - Part 3
by: Aspen...

Buddy the 1st kept smiling kind of in a nervous way, he was acting like he had to go somewhere?

"Dad.. may I go?" He asked.

"Why son... you off to somewhere?" Tom wandered.

"Ehhh, yeah." Buddy said nervously.

"With who?" Tom asked trying to talk to Annabelle at the same time.

"Richard... we were going to go eat some grass ... so can I ?" Buddy asked.

"Yeah, I guess but be home before dark." Tom commanded as Buddy trotted off with his friend Richard.

"Mom, can I go too?" Buddy the 2nd asked in a childish way.

"Well son, not right now.. we're talking to mister Tom.. now be nice and stay by." Annabelle smiled in a proper way.

Buddy the 2nd laid both ears flat on his neck.

"But Mom!!!" Buddy the 2nd said and buck around like a yearling.

"Buddy the 2nd, Rainwater, you do not Beg in front of company." Annabelle yelled and got mad at Buddy the 2nd.

"I'm sorry mother, I just wanted to go have fun too." Buddy mound in sadness.

"Oh now, let your boy have some freedom... let him run off some energy." Tom smiled.

"Yeah mom... I want to go play." Buddy begged again.

"Okay... I guess so... just don't get in trouble... if you do... you will pay... and remember this ain't our herd so be nice." Annabelle yelled as Buddy the 2nd ran fast up and over the hills meeting Buddy the 1st and Richard.

"Oh, hello... I didn't think I'd see you again... you no how you're so small beside me.. you're practically a foal." Buddy the 2nd said putting ears back.

"I am not a foal, I'm actually turning 2 in a couple mouths." Buddy said not Knowing how to take the Argent remark from Buddy the 2nd.

Buddy the 2nd laughed.

"2?... I'm turning 4 next year.. so see there you are a baby." Buddy the 2nd laughed.

"I'm not a baby?" Buddy the 1st yelled with ears back.

"I'm not a baby..." Buddy the 2nd said small making fun of Buddy the 1st.

"Do that again and.. and.. you'll get it!" Buddy the 1st yelled stepping closer to Buddy the 2nd.

"I'M NOT A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Buddy the 2nd yelled being mean.

"Ugh." Buddy the 1st cried ramming into Buddy the 2nd and knocking him over on to the rocks... Buddy the 2nd shock off looking at his bleeding knee and angry started to flow.

*To be continued* and feel free to comment!

Oct 20, 2015
Part 2
by: Aspen

The full version of the story is actually a novel I wrote I have 4 books and 190 pages each... this is just a short story..

Buddy the 2nds mouth dropped " Mother .... we can't just let an outlander in our herd.... we can't trust them" Buddy mound

"Oh yes we can son ... think positive " Annabelle smiled " oh I remember what I was going to ask you ... you have came of age ... you'll be taking over the herd soon ... but the only thing is you'll need a mate"

" A mate... GEEE mom you just come up with all kinds of surprises... new brother and now a MATE!" Buddy the 2nd yelled

"Oh it's nothing big.. finding a mate will not be hard what about daisy you like her" Annabelle asked

"As a friend mother" Buddy moaned

Annabelle nodded " It will be a big step in you're life ... but being a HORSE is no Fun And Games... you'll never no who might catch us and who might drive us... to be wild is something Great.only a few of the wild mustang survive around here... The cowboys they come and take 20 of us every year.... any chance we get to make our herd bigger is So much better... and that's why I want you to find you're self a mare-friend "

Buddy the 2nd nodded but his head was going crazy.. All this about Filly's and marriage got him thinking..


"Now son be on you're best behavior" Annabelle smiled and swooshed her tail over her back to scare the Flies away

Buddy the 2nd put his ears flat on his neck and was quite

"Oh here they come" Annabelle whinnied in Joy
Annabelle trotted up to the newcomers

"It's so nice to meet you tom.. OH.. and is this you're son and daughter" Annabelle smiled

"Yes it is" Tom nodded "Say hallo Buddy the 1st" Tom nudged him closer when Buddy the 2nd seen Buddy the 1st he thought "This might just workout" and lifted both ears up to listen

"Hello Annabelle" Buddy the 1st said nervously
Tom smiled

Oct 18, 2015
Short Story
by: Sydney

This Short Story is great, I wonder what the full version of this story is. Can't wait to hear more. You're a superb writer!

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