Bucked Off!

by Caylee
(Alberta, Canada)

(I wrote this when I was younger this is a true story...)

One day, my dad had to go count cows and bulls, I begged and begged for him to let me come help. My cousin Tara and her friend (I don't remember her name) came to. I went will Tara and her friend, we went to a couple pastures and my dad and bill (my uncle). They were on one side of the coulee and we were on the other.

We counted a lot of cows, then we got lost. It was funny. Then when we met up with dad and Bill my horse, Sid had a brain fart and started to buck and run.

Finally at five bucks I fell off my dad came and made sure I was okay then Tara and her friend came to comfort me and dad went to get Sid (I don't remember what Bill did) when dad got back he said I would ride the horse he was riding and he would ride Sid.

The horse dad was riding was really gentle, he was great. When I got to my mom's house (my mom and dad are divorced) she got mad at dad, but at least there was no bruise on my back.

After that I was scared of horses for a bit and then in February Sid was stolen I cried and cried (he is still missing :( ) then my dad got a colt for me we saw him as a baby I fell In love! His mom and him were going to the slaughter house. We saved them! He had grown a lot he is a big handsome red roan. He has big bones. My dad wants him.

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