Brumby King

by Ice Brumby
(Australia, QLD, Kinaroy)

I know this isn't I story,but others post their poems so I thought I might be able to too.

* Brumby King! *

Galloping over the rugged land
Drinking from sandy streams
Resting in the shade of the trees
Mighty king

Running for the pure joy of it
Mane and tail flying like victory banners
Over the rugged land
Splashing through cool creeks
Up rocky mountain faces
Standing tall for all to see
Salute against the sky
Head held high
He lets his triumphant call cry

He drinks from the cool rivers,
He romps over the barren lands
He haunts the ghost towns
He knows no bounds
Galloping through the trees
And resting when he needs,
He is the King!

Thanks for reading!

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