Brothers Under The Sun - Chapter 1

by Josey/Emilie

Now this story I know should be emotional. It only works if you're listening to Brothers Under The Sun, though. ;) Enjoy.


"This is not the end, my brother. I solemnly swear we will be together again, wherever you are I will find you and I will bring you home!"

I had a dream of the wide open prairie. I had a dream of the pale morning sky. I had a dream that we flew on golden wings. We were the same, just the same.

Now I only had a dream to get him back. I had been forcefully parted with my loving owner, and sold to some other home. A home I knew I would dislike. My handler was rough and nasty. I neighed and looked back at my boy, but I was yanked back around.

I neighed in heartbreak and tried to break away, but I failed. I half reared and tossed my head, but I was yanked down. My rope halter was incredibly tight. So tight my face was already bleeding.

There was no trailer to greet me. I was dragged along. I thought of the times I had with my boy. The good ones. The bad ones. I already missed him. I remembered what he had told me, one day..

"Follow your heart. Follow the voice. Follow your dreams. But always remember me. I am your brother."

The thoughts made me teary eyed. I reared up and pawed the air, shaking my head. I was yanked down harshly. I looked up to see a barn and house. The barn was long, the house big. I looked into the barn to see a horrible sight.

Two rows of starved, emaciated horses. What was I doing here?! I reared again, but I was yanked. My handler shoved a stud chain on me. I snorted and flared my nostrils, then walked behind my handler to my stall. I was shoved into it, no food or water. I paced in my stall, thinking hard. I remembered what my boy told me, right before I was sold.

"I don't know much about life, Joey. But what I do know, is that there are big days, and there are small days. And the small days don't really matter much to anyone. But, today, is a big day. And this big day will be harsh. Be prepared. Be brave."

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