Broken Wings

by someones

This is a story of a horse, of course. Read it to find out what happens. This is only the first chapter, so there will be more.

Light flooded my brand new eyes as I opened them for the very first time. It was a shock, and I was scared. Warm breath traced my face-it was my mother. This calmed me down considerably, even when I still couldn't use my eyes properly. These were the first moments of my life.
I was surprisingly hungry for a newborn foal, and I had this strong instinct to nurse. Carefully, I positioned one of my front legs, then a back leg, and then began propping my other front leg up, but I was too weak, and collapsed to the ground. It took me nearly an hour to be able to stand and take those few steps to my mother to nurse. Who knew such a simple task could be so difficult.
This is about the time when I realized that I was being watched. Strange pinkish creatures stared at me with menacing eyes. When one approached me, I hid under my mother's belly, but the....thing touched my mum, which didn't phase her one bit. I realized that these beings could be trusted so I stretched my little nose out and sniffed one of their appendages. I had a new friend.
I didn't know anything much about the being, just that it was my friend and wouldn't hurt me. The creature's fellow friends circled around me and stroked my body. I turned to look at my coat. I was a darkish tone much like my mother's. I wondered what my face looked like, because I couldn't see that.
I was pondering this thought when a new feeling arrived: pain. One of the creatures hit my nose hard and I startled myself when I let out an immature squeal. Talking was something new to me and I hadn't realized that I could actually emit a sound. I had heard the creatures mumbling something that I couldn't understand, but never my mother, so I thought that I was going to be a silent animal.
After I squealed my mother let out a soft sound that was the sweetest tone I had ever heard. But with that sound came a message that I could understand. Not clearly, but I got the basic intent. She asked me if I was okay. I tried to send a message back to her but it came out all wrong and I think I told her that I was dying or something so she walked over and gave me a note of confusion. I tried to explain to my mother that I was okay and I wasn't dying. This time she got the memo, and calmed down.
I had quite a fun time playing with my speech and I gave myself messages. My mother told me many things about speech. She said that there are several different tones of messages in horsespeech. There is the neigh, the nicker, the whinny, the squeal, and this sound that is somewhat like a cross between a roar and a neigh, whatever a roar is.
By now, the creatures, which my mother called 'humans' had left. I asked my mom many different questions, like what did you call this darkish tone that was my coat. She said I was brown like her, but I was likely to change somehow as I grew older. I asked my mom about me, and herself. It was a bonding time for the both of us.
A rush of weariness overtook me and I was forced to close my eyes and enter a trance called sleep. As soon as I closed my lids, I opened them up to a bright sun. My first day of life was past, and a new day has arrived. I decided that I think I was going to like my so called life.

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