Broken Silver

by Izzy




I sat at the dinner table, happily playing with my Breyer Stable Mates. The dapple mountain pony was my favorite. I made horse noises as the plastic rider -whom I customized to look like me- rode around the competition ring, galloping to first place. The little pony became a part of me. I woke up that night, to the sound of breathing at my far bedroom window.

The breaths blew the curtains through my open window. The cream colored shades blew noisily around. I looked at my bedside table... Only to see the dappled Welsh pony broken in half. I gasped, then sniffed. My favorite toy, broken. It made me sad. So, I left it where it was.

I pushed the shades back, to see a beautiful dappled Welsh Mountain pony snorting at me through the window. I grinned wildly, and opened the window. The pony flew in, and looked exactly like the toy. I excitedly jumped on his back, and we rode away into the moonlight.

My pony spread his great silvery wings, and flew through the night air. My pony tossed his head playfully, and I laughed. I decided to call him Silver. We landed in a HUGE field, and I slipped off his back. He just stood there patiently waiting for what to do next.

"Silver!" I called. He pranced over, his wings flapping wildly. He soared over me, and I gasped at the magical sight. He snorted and reared. I laughed and jumped on his beautiful dappled back. We took off once again, and rode over the cloud. A bird flew next to us. He took one look at Silver, squawked, and flew away.

Silver dove to follow him. We flew into a beautiful grassy hillside. A silver mare trotted over to Silver and I. She snorted and pressed her face against Silver's. I named her Frost, because she was beautiful like morning frost. I watched as Silver did the same. A tear fell down my cheek as I watched this sight.

Frost looked my other Welsh pony toy. A frosty white coat. I gasped and looked at the time. It had been nearly three hours since we left! I whispered, "Silver we need to go back to my house." He snorted and started galloping and took off. He motioned for the mare to do the same.

We flew for half-an-hour, and when we got back, I slipped off Silver's back. I gave his mate and him a carrot, a stroke, and said farewells. They neighed their soft velvety neighs. I climbed into bed, and sighed. I took one last look at the remains of my favorite toy.

Except, it wasn't broken. It was in perfect condition. The gelding was pressing his face against a frosty white Welsh pony's face. I smiled as I remembered my magical night. Suddenly, I sat up and looked at the clock in my room. 4:03. It looked like we had only been gone for three minutes.

I laid back down, and thought of Silver and Frost. I hoped they were happy. I also hoped that they would have offspring. They were happy. At least that's what I figured when Silver and Frost came to my bedroom window, forever more.

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