Bring On The Bets - Part 2

by SuperSmily

As Bass ran towards me everything went in slow motion. The awards director tipping over and spilling coffee on the rest of the awards. Me running in front of Bass's path and screaming "NO." My parents running behind Bass. Then everything snapped back into normal speed.

Bass stopped in front of my snorting and white-eyed. He's sweating all over. I quickly grabbed his lead rope and walked him over to the trailer. I carefully gave him roomed temperature water a little bit at a time and then bathed the sweat off him with warm water. I had three seconds to myself when my parents came rushing over.

Apparently, Bass had spooked and his lead rope snapped. He ran towards the direction I had gone assuming he would be safe with me. We loaded him onto the trailer and started the three hour ride home.

The next morning I woke up at six. I got dressed into my barn clothes and headed out to the barn. When I got there I said hi to Lassia, Romano, Sira, and Columbus , our other horses. I walked to the end of the aisle and stopped at Bass's stall. The stall door was open and the stall was empty.

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