Bring on the Bets - Part 1

by SuperSmily

My blood pounded in my ears as I waited for the the starting bell. My horse Bring on the Bets,or Bass, have trained the entire year just to be here at the most challenging cross-country course in the state of Colorado.

There it was. The starting bell. I gave Bass more rein and he shot out of into the forest. The logging pile and the hay bales flashed under Bass's hooves. He moved into a gallop as we thundered to the water jump. I squeezed the reins and did a half halt. He slowed down and pushed off of the ground.

For a moment we were airborne than we splashed down in the water and zoomed toward the finish line. My time flashed on the screen. 49.56 seconds. I grinned that was our best time yet.

"Miracle!" My mom shouted.

I rode toward her and hopped off Bass. She hugged me and gave me a pink lemonade. We walked over to my dad at the trailer.

"Great job honey," he said as he hugged me.

I waited to be called to the awards stand when Ronney, my Jack Russel, bounded over and tried to lick my face. Then my name was called. I walked proudly over to receive my red ribbon.

Just then I heard people screaming and saw the crowd parting. Running towards me was Bass sweating and eyes wide with no way to stop him.

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Sep 04, 2012
by: Lexi

awesome! please write part two! also check out my story, Heart of a Horse part 1!

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