Breighana and Sonny

by Breighana
(Brighton ON, Canada)

I am dedicating this website too my horse Sonny (Dreaming On A Star).

And his name says it all! I've only OWNED Sonny for two weeks, but he was my grandpa's horse his whole life.

Sonny was born at Robmar Farms (at my grandpas farm) and is now 4. Many people think he is ugly, but I think he is the most beautiful horse in the world! Sonny is a red roan blanket appaloosa gelding. his whole body is white except for his whithers up. His legs are white with a red diamond shape on both front knees. When he runs, it looks like he's on fire, it's sooo cool!

He is sooo easy to ride (for a green horse), and he is trained english and western. Soon I'm going to teach him to jump and barrel race! Right now all he knows are the basics.(walk, trot, canter, I'm not sure if he knows gallop).

Some really cool things about him are: he knows how to play tug of war, he knows how to play tag and he licks people! He's also the sweetest horse in his herd(he's so sweet he gets bullied for it). He sometimes grabs a lead or shed halter in the field and when he's with me and swing it around like a lasso, some times he has so much fun he rears and runs around with it still in his mouth, swinging crazily.:)

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Jun 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

Your horse sounds awesome! i wish I had a horse like that.

Jun 21, 2010
by: Breighana

Thanks! im trying to get a REALLY GOOD photo of him..:)

Jun 20, 2010
your horse Sonny
by: Sydney

He sounds absolutely wonderful. Thanks for the great description! We'd love to see a picture if you get a chance - his markings sound really unique.

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