Part One

"Hey Breezy!" Taylor Dillon called to the brown and white paint gelding. "I missed you!" She planted a kiss on his soft nose. "You ready for a lesson?" Breezy bobbed his head as if to say yes. "Okay, let's get you back to the barn," she laughed and began haltering him.

Once she finished, she clucked and began leading him up the small hill towards the barn. Once inside, she clipped the cross-ties on to his halter and seized his forest green grooming kit from the wash rack. She vigorously currying his muddy coat.

"Why do you roll so much?" She asked the horse. "Even though you take forever to groom, I still love you." She laughed.

After she had thoroughly cleaned his coat, hooves and combed through his hogged mane, she headed into the tack room. She lugged the brown english saddle, green saddle pad and girth from the saddle rack and headed back to Breezy.

After placing the tack onto his back, she tightened the girth. "I'll be right back with your bridle," she told him and put on her helmet.

She grabbed a carrot and the bridle. After bridling him, she looked at her watch. "Lesson starts in two minutes," she mumbled and began leading Breezy towards the arena.

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