Breezy Listening - Part 1

Jordie closed up her jacket fully and walked to the bus. She limped, positioning her leg weirdly. "What happened, man?" Jack, the most annoying 5th grader alive asked. "I hit metal yesterday at gym! Don't you remember? You saw me there!" Jordie yelled, still low enough so the driver didn't think they were fighting.

"Oh yeah, you look like a total dork on the floor." Jack said laughing with his other "gang boys". "At least I'm not the one who cried when he got hit by a ball!" Jordie raised an eyebrow and stood up, moving to the back. She sat down and opened her backpack zipper. She pulled out a picture of a horse.

"What ya doing!?" Jordie jumped up hitting her leg even harder. "JACK!!!" She screamed his name and tackled at him, pinning him to the floor. Some of the other kids screamed "Fight! Fight! Fight!" or "Beat that girl Jack!".

Jordie let go and grabbed her backpack stomping to the front. She clenched the picture in her hand, almost crushing it. "Whats happening back there!?!!??" The bus driver shouted furiously. "Drive me home... NOW!" Jordie said, trying not to raise her voice.

The driver swiveled around and came back to her house. He opened the door and said "I will help you not get in trouble, kid." Jordie smiled and nodded and ran up to her house.

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Dec 14, 2016
Like it
by: Highfive to Horses!

I love it, and I wish you would do part 2! I want to see where horses get involved.

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