Breaking through the crash - Part 1

by Elizabeth

"Ahh!" Screaming . Who was screaming? Me. I was. "Help! Help me please!" I closed my eyes. Bang! I tried to get up off of the weight. "Got her!" A voice said as it pulled me out and off of the weight.

"Honey, I need to know what your name is."

"Becca Wills." I answered.

"We are going to take you to the hospital. The man said.

Okay was all I could say. I was thinking of Dido. Was he okay? I didn't know but it started right then. I feared riding horses and I feared them a lot.

One year later...

"Ahh!" I screamed. "Dido! Don't buck me off just run and I won't get hit!" My eyes were red with tears. "Please, please don't buck me off please don't!" I yelled.

Mom ran into my small room. "Honey are you okay?" She sat on my bed looking at me with deep concern.

"I am okay, mom. I just had that dream again."

"Well how about you get dressed and I will make eggs for breakfast?"

"Okay." I agreed. Buzz! I got a text.

Becca what's up??


Bad dream. I texted to her

Got to go Alyssa bye.


I got dressed then went to the kitchen. "Hi mom and dad. Where are the boys and Rachel?"

"Rachel is coming and David is packing to go to Gummi and Pop's house. Philip is still asleep with Levi. Oh, Rachel is also going with David.


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Oct 26, 2013
by: Stormy


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