Bonnie and Clyde - Part 1

by Rayna
(Mesa, Arizona)

The mid-July sun rose, and as the breeze blew in, the trees danced around casting cheerful shadows on my cream colored wall. "Hey Sundew." I greeted the framed poster that hung on a small nail next to my open window. My best friend had given me that before she moved out of state. "Sundew" was a palomino horse that was galloping through a grassy field. Her muscles bulged and her mane flew in the breeze. Me and Dianne would pretend to be our horses. I was Sundew, and Dianne was her appaloosa, Jigsaw. That was 3 years ago of course and now I was 13, and too old for those types of games.

Dianne was my pen pal, and my best friend. She mailed me a letter describing the horse her parents had bought her. It was a roan mare named Misty. She told me about how they get first place a lot of times in dressage and cross country. She also described how they go on trail rides every day.
No matter how much I begged and begged, the answer was always "We can't afford to buy you a horse let alone care for one.Do you have the money?" Before Dianne left, we both got lessons together. We enjoyed every second of it, and miss that horses. Now that she's gone, my only friends are the neighbor's twin ponies Bonnie and Clyde. The neighbors never rode the chubby little ponies, so all they did was feed off the wide open field.

I stepped out of bed and slipped on my shoes.I had had a dream last night. It seemed strangely familiar. I was galloping on a small little pony that had long feathers on it's fetlocks. I was running from something. And a weird voice was calling out to me. Then I had awoken after I had fallen from the pony.

I pulled on my boots and left my room. The clock read "4:53" I wondered why the sun had risen so early. I silently walked out the front door, and crossed the old road over to Mr. Johnson's house to see his little ponies. As I cooed over the fence to the twin white ponies. They opened their morning blue eyes and nickered at me. They thrust their heads over the fence. "Hey their my pretty girl and boy!" I cooed smiling. I stroked Bonnie's neck and curled her tangled mane around my fingers. Clyde whinnied with impatience and he thrust his head into my chest nearly knocking me over. "okay bud!" I giggled stroking him.

"HEY LITTLE GIRL! DON'T TOUCH MY NAGS!" a deep voice boomed from the porch. My heart raced and my face turned red. I had never seen Mr. Johnson, but I was going to soon. A tall man with a dirty white shirt smeared with black oily stuff jogged over. He was probably working on his car. He grabbed a large whip, and continued to jog over. "Shoo you old nags." He grunted whisking the ponies with the whip. I winced as it hit them. Mr. Johnson leaned over the fence and looked down at me with glassy gray eyes. "What were you doing to my horses kid?" I stepped back and looked up. "I-I was just petting them." I whispered. "Ya well don't come back. If I find you here again, I might as well turn these worthless lawn mowers into dog food!" He laughed and turned around. "Now get!" I ran back to my house and hid behind a bush to watch him. He jogged over to the ponies, smacked Clyde on the rump, and smeared some of the oil onto Bonnie's white face. I gasped as she thrust her neck up and gave a shrill cry. Bonnie then tried to get it off her face. I had to do something! I needed to help them, but how?

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