Bolt - Part 1

by Cara

The feeling still hadn't worn off, soon enough, we'd have a new horse living at Foster Creek Farms, I felt my hands shake over Daisy's stall door, watching my mare lay down in her bedding, covered in sweat.

"What are you going to name the foal?" My little sister Amanda came into the stable, all dressed up in her nice pajamas, I frowned, mom had sent her to bed before she left to go get some things for the foal at Spurs, the local tack shop.

"I don't know yet, something pretty like Daisy." I smiled at my old mare, she'd been such a trooper, and going to be a great mother to this young colt or filly.

"I heard, when the owner sees the horse for the first time, they just know what they should name them." My cousin, that had been staying with us for the summer came out, I should of known she would have sneaked Amanda out.

I looked back at Daisy, the baby was coming faster, I just hoped mom got back in time. I glanced out to the outside, it was still pitch black. My thoughts still screamed at me, the horse that had mothered me, will soon be a mother.

I've grown up by Daisy's side. Just thinking about the filly or colt made my heart race. A clasp of thunder came from outside and Amanda screamed, I was about to yell at her when Bailey, my cousin cried out loud.

"I think the baby's coming Nicole!" I felt in complete shock, I couldn't stand here like a child, I needed to help Daisy. But I had never delivered a foal before.

I creaked open the stall door running to Daisy's side, I patted her neck, all her sweat rubbing off onto my dirty hands. Daisy's breathing got heavier, her thirst growing higher. "I don't see the baby." Bailey cried, just as nervous as I was.

"It's okay Daisy, just hang in there." I kissed her bay face, Daisy trying as hard as she could, the baby crawling out slowly. I felt a few tears fall onto Daisy's neck, then tons.

I could hear Bailey's breathing slow down, the baby must be out. I held Daisy's head in my hands. Then she resisted for a moment, before I knew what was happening Daisy's body became weak. She had just died in my hands. I felt so shocked, still not positive on what happened.

My baby's foal, had just killed my best friend, I started to feel sorrow, a whole part of me lost. Then I stopped, looking at her dead body, Bailey backed away, Amanda still confused. I felt rage overcome of me as I looked at the baby,
"I never want to see that thing again." I felt disgusted in that demon horse.

Tears falling from my eyes as my hands balled up. I punched the stall walls and stormed out of Daisy's stall. My face red as I stepped outside the stable, falling to the ground crying on the ground, I felt my mom run up to me.

"What happened?" She asked, stroking my hair, I got up, angry but not able to stop crying, I stormed away into the rain. The tears streaking my face, I vowed to never love a horse again.

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May 10, 2012
by: hor$e Luv@

That's horrible! i don't have my own horse, but i know how it would feel if i lost the horses i love. Hopefully over time you'll learn to love horses again. x_x

May 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

Uh, it's just a story, right? @ other commenter. Do you have any way of thinking it's true? I mean, just wondering, because you made it sound like it was true.

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