Bobby, My Pony

by Ellie

Well you have probably seen my other story about me getting bobby. Hope you liked it, please leave a comment on both my stories. So I am going to tell you about my bad times and good times.

/bad times/
- I was brushing bobby's tail when suddenly he kicked me and I landed in horse poo!
- I was taking bobby for a hack, he always likes jumping over the lake then rushes off to the fence and jumps it, but this time it was all muddy by the lake. Bobby slips into the lake! Luckily I stayed on but he stops at the gate and I land on my things! Ouch!

/good times/

-We went for a hack 2 days later and yes we made it.

By the way, the photo is of me on bobby when I was 6.

Hope you enjoyed my story!!!!!!

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