Blue Ribbon Birthday Party

by Connie

This is a awesome birthday for anyone who rides and shows!!!

For decorations I went with the colors lime green, Caribbean blue, and royal blue. Just get plates, tablecovers, etc. in these colors. decorate your party space (house or barn) by hanging blue ribbons everywhere.

You can also decorate the area by arranging tack around the room (saddle by the entrance, bridle hanging somewhere noticeable, etc...)and by horse posters.

For the cake anything horsey will do. I made my own cookie cake. I took premade cookie dough and spread it over a whole pan and baked it. When it was done I cut out the shape of a horse and frosted it.

Activities- if you have access to a horse you could all take turns riding, you could have a horseless horse show(set up "jumps" and have each guest go through them and time them. determine the winner and give them a blue ribbon! you could also have contest for best braider, best grooming job, etc...

You could also ask your friends to bring a model horse or borrow one and have a model horse show.

For party favors, if the party goers are younger the gift bags can be filled with stuffed ponies, plastic horses, candy etc...but if they are older you could give everyone a blue ribbon that says different thing like best smile, funniest friend, etc and you could also give them all a hoof pick:)

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Mar 26, 2017
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much! This was so cool!

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