Blue Ribbion Boy- Just Jesse #3

by Katie
(brantford ontairo)

jess at the show

jess at the show

We had just unloaded Jesse from our trailer when silver Camaro zoomed past and spooked him. It was Jesse's first show and i was sooo excited, we were entered in the 1" divison and C Equatation. I tacked up while my mom got my number and my dad regiterd and we set over to the wasnt until cantering i noticed the Camaro driver with the judgeing sheet.CHANGING HER KIDS SCORE!!!!!! we couldnt just stop so i kept going until we were called out for assments. i know it sound weird but i sent jesse over to the booth to grab the sheets whaile i found the judge. As they were anoucing the places i ran into the ring and ran to the judge. I told him that #56's mother had changed the scores! the mom came in and denied it until jesse came in and the judge took the sheets from him. They were disqualified for the and and Jess won the class!!!! We came in #rd in our other one.
Ily Jesse

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