Blue Moon - Part 2 PLEASE COMMENT!

by Doree

He neighed as if to say "Sure, but can I get some hay?" Laughing Gabriella grabbed some hay, filled up the water barrel inside the pen, then started towards the house.

Taylor Stevens lazily flipped threw one of her old magazines then at the clock wondering where on earth Gabriella was. The dogs began to bark excitedly, "hmm she must be here." Taylor murmured to herself, rising out of the old comfy couch and heading towards the window.

It was then she saw her daughter leading a horse into the old horse pen. Wondering why there was a horse she narrowed her eyes and made her way outside.

"Ella, what's that horse doing in the pen? Why is he here? Where did he come from?" Taylor's questions kept coming till Gabriella finally answered.

"Mom I found him a banded on the road! He's here because he has scars so he obviously he needs care and I don't know where he came from but what I do know is that I so want him! I'm calling him blue moon. Blue moon would fit in perfect here mom! We got the fencing and a barn! Please can we keep him if the owner doesn't come forward?"

Taking a deep breath in Gabriella looked questioningly at her mother, "well?" Gabriella set her face in begging mode with whimpering it always won her mother over.

"Fine but just until we find the owner, and we'll put up fliers tomorrow ok? And I heard about you getting detention. I'm going to let it go but don't let it happen again." Taylor's serious blue eyes gazed into Gabriella's.

"Okay fine, I promise. And mom he's so nice he looks like he's a thoroughbred! I can't be too sure because it's getting dark but please if the owner doesn't want him can we keep him? Just think it over tonight ok? Maybe, maybe this is what we need." Gabriella walked up stairs feeling for once in her life since the accident that had changed everything, that something good might actually happen to her.

As she sat on her bed sighing happily as she starred at Blue Moon threw her window her mom came into the view and walked up to blue moon's pen and opened it up. Taylor patted the horse and headed towards the barn only to bring out a grooming brush.

Gabriella felt tears in the back of her eyes as she watched her mom carefully and softly groom him. Lying on her bed, Gabriella whispered quietly to herself, "Maybe it's a new start," before falling asleep.

"Daddy! Alex!" Gabriella screamed as dad's horse was falling. Everything changed now she and her mom were in the Emergency room, "what's happening to daddy? she felt herself scream, "NOOOO!!!!!"
Gasping she woke feeling sweaty, taking in a deep breath she glanced at the clock. 4:00 am. Sighing she raised herself out of bed; she didn't want to go back to that nightmare.

Gabriella made herself hot chocolate before heading outside. It was dark out, but she liked it that way, Blue Moon stared at her in confusion as she entered his pen, wondering why she was here so earlier!

"Oh Blue! I can't bear it; daddy should still be here, with me, with us! Why did he leave us so earlier? I know we just met but it feels like you've been with me forever." Crying hard into his bluish, black mane, Blue just stood there letting her let out all her sadness.

"We had a horse, her name was Golden Sunshine. My dad and I worked on her together, she was an amazing jumper. Mom sold her and the rest of the horses when daddy died. Want to know how he died? I think you'll understand, you see dad and his bay thoroughbred horse, Alex the Great is what we named him, were amazing together, unbeatable, at least we thought they were.

It was a big race this one, and dad so wanted to win! Alex did too, he told me. The race was stressful on daddy he almost always won but sometimes he didn't. Alex was the most amazing thoroughbred ever!? Snorting Blue Moon gave his objection, "okay fine one of the most amazing thoroughbreds."

Seeming pleased by that the big thoroughbred continued grazed with one ear turned towards Gabriella. "The day of the race Alex wasn't himself, but we pushed it off as nothing," feeling a lump forming in her throat, she couldn't go on, it was just too painful, Gabriella gave blue one last pat before racing inside.

"Mom I'm going to have a shower then I'm going to head to school." Grabbing her towel she headed towards the bathroom. After having a long, hot shower she got changed before heading to where her bike usually was, "Right," she muttered to herself, "I left it beside the old oak tree." Feeling frustrated she started towards the school.

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Jun 20, 2011
write more
by: Anonymous

write more please

Jun 07, 2011
Part 3 Please
by: Chloe

Hi, I really don't like reading a great story and then having to stop so could you please write part 3 before the 1st of July.

P.S. I am in Australia so you might have different times and dates then me. At the moment it is the 7th of June. Could you please write it in the next 23 days. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

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