Blossom - Part 8 (Final Part)

by Shine

I was in a real dreamy mood. WE were eating dinner at Becky's house and as everyone watched me push my fork around my food, I was dreaming of the time I had rode Blossom again. It was so wonderful to see Blossom!

"Laurel, I think the food in your plate is dead now, you can eat it," Mom remarked. I smiled.

"Sorry Mom." Seth rolled his eyes.

"I bet you just want to see Blossom, eh?" I playfully said, "You can say that again."

I remembered how Becky's family found Blossom. It turned out that Mr. Gibson had moved here and right away he put up posters of Blossom. He wanted to sell her.

Ever spunky Becky saw how he mistreated poor Blossom. She begged and begged her mom to buy her and they did. Now Blossom had the most cutest foul named Rushmore. He was sure a spunky one just like Becky!

Now when would return to Colorado we would take Blossom with us. Oh this sure was my top vacation I ever had. Becky said she would miss Blossom but she said she was glad she still had Rushmore.

As soon as dinner was finished, me and Becky ran to the barn. She headed straight to Rushmore, and you can bet I went to Blossom. As I lovingly stroked her head, I whispered, "You're the best horse I know! You're my Blossom."

The End

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Jul 06, 2011
Awesome finish
by: ranchgirl

You wrote a awesome story. I'm excited for your next one.

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