Blossom - Part 7

by Shine

"Blossom, oh Blossom!" I yelled and ran to her. Blossom seemed delighted because she got excited, lifted her head high up in the air, and neighed. Becky stared as I showered Blossom with hugs, then opened the padlock.

I led Blossom out the barn, and then gave her hugs and kisses. Becky, with her mouth open, walked out too. Hearing the noise, everyone ran out the house. Tears were running down my face while I tried to explain but I was speaking too fast no one could understand a word I was saying!

Everyone was buzzing. "Whats going on?" "Is that really Blossom?" "I can't believe it!" "How did my horse end up to be this Blossom?!" Blossom started to get scared of all the excitement so Seth took her in the barn again.

Then I grabbed hold of Becky's shoulders. "How did Blossom end up here?!" Becky stammered at first. "Well, I , uh,um, Laurel, can you, oh Dad and Mom, help me!" She exclaimed.

Her mom laughed. "Come on in. Then we'll get the whole story." Mother held me close, and Laura was staring wide eyed, but I felt like I was in a dream, never wanting it to end.

So, please forgive me for its really short but I hope you like it. I'll post in part 8 soon.

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Jun 09, 2011
Part 8!
by: Carrigan

Part 8 part 8 part 8!

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May 25, 2011
Hey ranchgirl!
by: Shine

Thanks for the comment. Yes, you should continue Dream Come True. Its a wonderful story, I love it. Please continue!

May 25, 2011
by: ranchgirl

I love your stories. I have the same problem. Should I keep writing Dream Come True?

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