Blossom - Part 6

by Shine

I watched as the the scenery sped past my window. Me and my family was in the car, driving to Becky's place. We had been on the road for a long time and we we're to get there at their house today at 4:00. I couldn't wait to see Becky again.

Suddenly, a window buzzed up an d down. I heard my Mother sigh. "Laura, please stop playing with the window button." Laura had a look in her face that showed that she was bored.

"Yes mam."

I took my laptop out, turned it on, and told Laura to sit by me. "Sure." She took off her seat-belt and moved on the seat by me."

I clicked on "pictures" and I asked, "Who do you want to see?" I had not expected the answer, "Blossom!"

Mother turned to look at me. The look on my face was a pained expression. "Are you sure? We could look at our old house and Becky's family." My Mother whispered in Laura's ear. Laura nodded.

"Never mind sis. I'd rather look at our old house."

As I clicked on the file that held those photos, my heart felt sad. A feeling that thought it would burst, then get control and go on.

A few hours later, we entered our old town. "My things have changed!" Father exclaimed. The town square really did a lot of improvements and people were here and there.

Mother smiled. "It feels good to see something familiar again. Isn't this the street we turn on?"

"Me and Laura both piped up in unison, "NO!" Mother turned around and looked at us with "frowns" but there was a sparkle in her eyes.

"You two think you know this town better then me?" I laughed. "With all due respect mam, yes I think I do... General!" The whole family burst into a fit of laughter.

Before I knew it, I was on my friends ranch. Boy was there a scramble to take off your seat belts, open the car doors, and jump out!

"Laurel!" I heard a voice call. I turned to look and there was Becky, all smiles and warm hugs. I ran to her and we both hugged each other.

"I thought you would never come!"

"SO did I!"

" It is so good to see you again!"

"Oh Becky!"

We both laughed and then Becky's family came out.

"The Edward's! Welcome!" welcomed Becky's mother, Katie. Becky's older brother Seth was there. He was 15.

"Hi Laurel. What took you so long? Did you have to hitch hike most of the way?" He teased.

Mother and Father was busy talking so I answered him with a sparkle in my eye. "Noooo sir. I rode on a horse most of the way!" Seth laughed.

Laura came up in her startling way. "I still remember the riddle you taught me Becky." Becky grinned.

"Oh yeah? Tell me."

"Why did the teacher marry the janitor?"

No one answered.

"Because he swept her off her feet!"

Everyone laughed. "Boy I forgot that one. Good one Laura. Say what are we standing here for? Lets go in."

The next day, me and Becky was in her room talking about horses. I didn't tell her about Blossom. I didn't want to.

Suddenly, Becky had a sly smile. "I wanted to save this as a surprise. We got a new horse. We didn't name her yet but she gave birth to a foul just last week. Come on to the stables! She's a real beauty!"

I excited followed her out side. When we got to the stables, Becky proudly said, "There she is!" I stared. Then I ran toward the horse.

"Blossom!" I cried.

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May 18, 2011
by: ranchgirl

I'm sorry I didn't comment earlier. Well, I think you should continue.

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