Blossom - Part 5

by Shine

I listened to Auntie's voice. "I went to the stables this morning and I was very surprised to see that Blossom was gone. She has never run away. I contacted the police so now I'm waiting."

I was very surprised to hear my self ask very angrily," Do you have an idea who you think stole Blossom?" She sighed. "Yes. Mr. Gibson was a neighbor of mine and was never friendly. He was also very jealous when I got Blossom. But he moved 3 weeks ago."

"So get after him and-" I didn't get to finish. "Laurel! I never knew you had that streak of character in you! I already got the police so calm down!"

I started crying. "Auntie, please don't let them take away Blossom, please..." I continued crying.

" I'm sorry sweetheart. I'll try my best and..." I dropped the phone on the couch and ran to my room.

Two years had passed. Auntie had given up on Blossom yet nobody knew I had the most strongest hope, so strong that I knew that Blossom was alive. But where?

One day,Mother suggested that we should have a vacation. We started planning and Laura was really excited. "Could we go to a beach Mother?" "Maybe." She was on the computer looking at maps. Then Father came in with a big smile. "Why don't we go visit Vermont and stay with the Stewart's?" Becky Stewart was my BFF and I hadn't seen her for ages!

"Really? Could we?" I asked. Father smiled again. "Listen to this." It was then I noticed a letter in his hands. "To the Edward family, how have our dear friends been doing? We have missed you very much and was wondering if you could spend a month here at our house. I know that the distance is very far but we long to see your smiling faces again.

We hope all is well and please respond soon, we miss hearing from you! The Stewart family." At that me and Laura began hugging each other, a vacation at our friends house! Wasn't that swell!

But deep down in my heart, I was really thinking of Blossom. Would I ever find my horse?

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May 03, 2011
Thanks Unicorn!
by: Shine

Thanks a lot Unicorn. yeah, I'm really trying to improve my writing. More info, more flashed out plot, ya know? Well thanks again. I have a question, I can't find part 1 for "More then a Myth". Could you tell me where to find them?

Apr 29, 2011
Hi Shine
by: Unicorn

This is great stuff! It's a much more fleshed-out plot with better characters than in "Apollo", you're definitely growing well as a writer. Do keep going! It's absolutely fascinating!
Write on!

writer of:
"More than a Myth" Intro, Part I, Part II

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