Blossom - Part 5 (redo)

by Shine

"What? What!" I exclaimed. "Blossom's stolen?! Are you serious?" I heard Auntie's quite voice. It was too quite. "Laurel, let me talk to your Mother." I shakily handed the phone to my Mother. Mother took it. "Yes?... Florence are you sure?... Oh my... yes of course...please let me know when you have any news......" That was it for me. I ran to my room and started crying.

Laura came to my room. "Are you alright Laurel?" I didn't answer. She ran out and soon came back with my favorite horse book. "Let me read to you. On a summer day a boy named Davis Walker..." I stopped crying and took the book from her, partly wishing she would stop and partly wishing she would go on forever.

With a shaky voice, I continued. When I came to the part when he goes to the stable and finds a man whipping his horse, I broke down crying. Again.

Laura put her arms around me. "Please don't cry." Mother came to my room. "Laurel, Blossom is gone." She told me that Blossom was missing for a day. Auntie phoned the police and they hadn't found anyone yet. "I'm so sorry sweet heart. Keep your chin up." In a daze, I heard another voice in my head.

"Keep your chin up Laurel Edwards! Colorado may even bring you your own horse!" my BFF Becky had told me. "It did! Colorado did bring me my own horse! And now she's gone!" I thought.

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