Blossom - Part 1

by Shine

Here's my new stories! I hope you like them as much as you have liked Apollo! Enjoy!

I stared out my window, looking at the magnificent mountains. You may think I'm in a good mood but you're wrong. We have just moved from Vermont to Colorado 3 weeks ago and I still miss my home. I did not want to move and still wish Mom and Dad never heard of the job of being a lumberman!

I walked to my dresser. I stared at the photo that showed my BFF's horse, Charger. I longed for a horse of my own but never had a chance to. I smiled as I remembered Becky shouting,"Keep your chin up Laurel Edwards! Colorado may even give you your own horse!" While I was leaving her house. Then she got a scolding from her Mother about shouting. I sighed. Suddenly, a knock sounded on my door. I opened the door and there stood my Mother.

"Laurel, get ready. We're going to your Aunt Florence's house. She said she's going to cook us a good dinner, something I haven't been able to do."

My little sister Laura came up to me and asked, "Are you tired, big sister?" I smiled despite my anger. "No sweetie. Now you go get ready little lady." She gave that sweet little smile and ran to Mother so she could get dressed.

Aunt Florence lives in Colorado and I have never been able to meet her in person though I often talked to her on the phone. I pulled on a fresh white skirt and a blouse.

Mother sure did look tired. I felt sorry I haven't been helping her as much as should have been. But then I remembered that she and Father was the one that made me move.

I got out the car when I was at Aunt Florence's place. Then I gasped. There was the most beautiful horse I had ever seen, grazing at a near by meadow! I wondered if Aunt Florence owned it. I feel in love it as it raised its head towards my direction. OH if I could ride it! Right then there, I loved Colorado since it gave me that first sight of that horse.

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Mar 07, 2011
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
by: aysha

shine, i love this new series you have started to write. it's so, so, oh, i don't know, it's wonderful. so how long is it going to be? i hope longer than "Apollo". not to be rude. but to tell you the truth since i know that you would love to hear it (j/k) "Apollo" was kinda short. well that's all.

Feb 19, 2011
Dear Rebekah
by: Shine

Thank you for your comment! I'm glad people enjoy my story. Thanks again!

Feb 17, 2011
Soooo Awesome!
by: Rebekah

That is such an awesome story, Shine keep writing I love it can't wait for part two!

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