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by jakiebabe

So 1 week ago I went to a horse camp and I spent 1 week there. I usually ride a horse named Jake. Well he had saddle burn so I couldn't. I ended up trying 4 different horses.

1. Buster - the butt. He is very stubborn and tried to get away with stuff, like not loping when you ask him, or trotting, doing barrels wrong, etc. So as I was trying to get him to lope he bucked me. So then I got mad and started like attacking his butt with a flag i was holding and kicking him. He started going. Later on he started limping. Don't day horses aren't smart because this guy limps on fake.

2.Sonny - poor boy. He is was fine and always had been, but he went lame. Poor guy, we went on a trail and he kinda trip on this fallen tree we have been removing and stumbled and started limping on the way back. I felt so bad, but the doc checked him out and said he was fine just need to rest. He didn't actually go lame, just got scared so he thought it would be better to limp! Stupid Smart horses!

3. Cocoa - stubborn boy. At the camp they had red and blue team. I was on red, because of my experience and you lope on red, he wouldn't go.

4. Bandit - he was the last horse, but he wasn't listening because he had the wrong bridle we later found out.

The point is I had an eventful camp.

Also nothing we did made theses horses get hurt. The owner is very responsible. She is very horsecrazy herself. Please no mean comments about how we hurt the horses. It just happened to be a smart horse who fake limps, a scared horse, a stubborn horse, and a horse who ACCIDENTALLY got the wrong bit.

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