by Naomi

I flared my nostrils. My spindly baby legs wobbled, and I collapsed into a pile of long legs, short fluffy hair, and shiny brown eyes. My mother nickered to me, and wandered off. I snorted indignantly, and struggled to my feet.

I was still very young, but the world seemed the same to me. I'd seen it all! Old, bonny butts, fresh, sloppy manure, and then, me, the best horse that EVER lived. And thats a very big claim, because I know quite a few great horses (besides the old, 'hoarse' ones who think they're very wise, but they just waste my playing time).
Well, when I say PLAYING time, I don't always mean PLAYING. When you're as amazing as I am, you have so many friends, and you're so popular, all you can do is swagger around and look cool. (this may not be entirely true).

By the time I was about three years old, I was a fully grown horse. I had a rich chestnut coat, and a flaxen mane. My name was Blaze. I don't know WHY I was called Blaze, but whatever reason my mother had, It must of been stupid, because really I didn't have a blaze, I had a stripe, thanks very much. Obviously, my mother did not pick up on that very true piece of information, and neither did the rest of my herd, because they went on calling me Blaze for the rest of my days. Thanks a lot, guys.

Anyways, where was I? Flaxen mane, chestnut coat, name is Blaze, best horse that ever lived... yep, I think we've covered it all. Almost all. Because that same year, something happened that I will never forget...

A red dot flared up in the dark night sky. I sniffed the air. The fire wasn't out of control or anything! In fact, it was pretty much under control! My curiosity grew and grew, and finally I managed to slip away into the forest.

The more I walked, the bigger the dot became. The bigger the dot became, to hotter it got. The hotter it got, the hungrier I became. OK, everything makes me hungry... but that doesn't matter right now!

I skipped and hopped on my hooves. As I drew closer, I saw five lumps lying around the fire. "Hey, you guys, it's dangerous here - theres a fire, can't you see! Get out, people! Hurry up!" I nickered. The people kept snoring. OK... I told myself. You can... drag them!

I started by grabbing the shirt sleeve of the man closest to me with my teeth, and dragging him away from the fire. Boy, he was heavy! Watch your eating, man! I was about to say this out loud, when the person woke up and stared at me with fear in his eyes. "Good, you're awake! Run!" I said. But he didn't seem to understand a word I said. The man started wriggling free. I held my head high, and wouldn't let go. He tugged even harder, and I wheeled around in shock. Hey, stop that- I'm trying to save your life!

I've always wondered why men care so much about their alcohol. So of course this event deepened my curiosity even more. When I finally let go of the mans sleeve, I thought he'd run away. But he didn't. He started talking gibberish! then, even more strange, he started peering into his bag, and throwing all the contents on the floor. Guess what? I knew this game! I bet he's getting me a treat! An apple, of a peppermint, of maybe one of those... nope. He clutched a bottle of some sort of drink. It's not an apple, but I'll take it!

I grabbled the bottle out of his hands with my teeth, and the lid popped off! Better than nothing, I guess, because I REALLY didn't want to admit, I had NO CLUE how to open those things! Golden water poured onto the ground like a waterfall. I got a grip of myself, and took a long swig of that stuff. I went sucking away, and my tail started spinning round, and round! I lost grip of the bottle, and it smashed onto the ground. Probably best, because, I had just had my first try of whiskey.

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Sep 08, 2021
I loved it!
by: Anonymous

This story was so funny, I loved it. Please keep on writing. You have a gift!

Aug 12, 2021
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much!

Jul 19, 2021
Loved it
by: GoodieSpirit1420

It was funny, I loved it so much. You did misspell some words but its okay, everyone makes mistakes.

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