Blaze My TWH (I Love Him!) 03-11-10

by Danielle D
(Virginina USA)

This Is Blaze Ground Tying In His Pasture

This Is Blaze Ground Tying In His Pasture

Dated: 03-11-10
I have loved horses ever since I was at least seven years old. On my eighth birthday, my mom and dad got me horseback lessons. I am still taking lessons with the same trainer after four years. I am now 12 years old and my horse passion is as strong as ever!! My first to horses (Patches and Snowflake) were way to much for me to handle and I got them when I was still to young to know much. We took a break from the owning and continued with the lessons. This August coming up It'll be the second year I have owned him. He is only 5 and he was 4 when I bought him for only 500. That is an amazing price for a registered Tennessee Walking Horse. He is amazing in every way so I honestly do not have a clue why the owner sold him cheap or even at all. Though I am very happy for that! He is a Strawberry Roan Gelding. The cool thing is, I named him after his nose which has a blaze marking. I love spending time with him and grooming him. If I ever wanted to show him I could call him "Blazin Pacer". Sometimes it is just fun to watch him in the Pasture. He is one of the main reasons that I love horses so much and the reason I want to become an equine vet. Yes it is a long way away, but I have always wanted to become a vet and every time I have good grades my dad says keep up the good work so you can become that vet that you want to become so much. It is completely true and I will always want that. Long hard years of college and more and more school, but to be able to work with the very animals who I will always love would be a dream, a very big dream of mine, come true!!! I LOVE BLAZE AND I ALWAYS WILL!!

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