Blair Creek Camp Resort

by Jamicyn
(United States)

At Blair Creek in Tennessee you go on some amazing rides were you go through creeks,sand,and ride in a round pin. It's your choice you may just simply rent a cabin or just bring a tent and camp out.

The cabins are absolutely beautiful and full of decorations. They are also fully stocked with furniture and silverware.All you need to bring is some food, clothing, horse food, and you. But no need to fear the camp sites are quite delightful also, they have been mowed all around, and are really nice places to camp.

They have fences up so no need to fear about your horses, and if you don't want to let them roam they have places were you can put them. It's like a stall but without a roof. But at this place you have to bring such things as silverware, food, blankets, pillows, clothes, horse food and a water bucket. All of these things are for you and your horses. Well that's what the camp sites are like. The ride down to the cabins are a little tricky so you might want to make sure you have 4 wheel drive just in case your truck can't make it down the hill easily.

At Blair Creek Resort it is absolutely fabulous it is so much fun there, but don't just hear it from me go visit it yourself trust me you will definitely have the time of your life.

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Nov 15, 2013
It sounds fun!
by: Katie

The camp site sounds so fun! Too bad it's so far away from me, though. The camp sites sound like a very relaxing place, the trail rides sound exhilarating, and it would be so much fun to go to. Great job writing this!

Mar 07, 2013
I agree
by: Anonymous

Wow this place sounds cool! So it's at blair creek resort :)I think i went there once also, it was really fun.

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