Blackfeet Reservation

by Angelicka
(Browning, Montana, USA)

There are no stables here. In fact the nearest stables are around 100 miles away but there are trails. They are beautiful. There are hardly any trees unless you go toward Glacier National Park or along the mountains or in the cullies. You have to be careful for there are a lot of holes made from mostly gophers or also known as prairie dogs.

There is plenty of wild life when they want to be seen. There are plenty of Red Tail Hawks here. Also lots of coyotes but they leave you alone if you leave them alone. Also there has been a mountain lion or two, a few wolves, a badger here and there and also some grizzly bears and black bears.

I have seen all of these animals except the mountain lions and wolves, but I did hear the wolves. They mostly come out at night and stay away for the most part. There are other animals as well. Like deer, rabbits, antelope, and porcupines. Also elk and moose but you hardly see them. And there are lots of other birds. The landscape is beautiful.

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