by Caroline

When I was younger I took riding lessons. One day, at my lesson, it started raining very hard. The horse I was riding was younger and not very experienced. The horse spooked and bucked me off. I was terrified and didn't want to get back on but my mom made me. I just walked for a few minutes. I never rode again. Then one day, about 2 years later, my mom found a horse camp at another barn. I wanted to go so badly because the truth was I had missed horse riding more than anything. When I went to the camp I realized I was still scared. They put me on the slowest oldest horse at the barn. Biscuit. I was so scared I cried and didn't even want to ride. But he just stood there and didn't even flinch. After a while, I calmed down and was able to walk him around on my own. I immediately fell in love with him. after camp my mom took pictures and we left. A few months later, another camp was planned. I went back but when I got there I was crushed. Biscuit had died of old age just a few days after the first camp I went to. I was so upset. I rode a younger horse named Louie. I fell in love with him too. My horse story went on for years, but that's another story. A story for later. Now, 5 years later, I am leasing a horse and jumping her. I think my story proves just how far you can go as long as you believe you can.

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