Birthday Surprise - Part 1

by Rayna
(Mesa, AZ, USA)

A girl was born, and she was given the name Melissa Hargrave, or better known as Mel. By the age of 2, Mel was completely bonkers for the equine species. Mel obtained a cheeky Shetland pony on her 5th birthday. She named this little guy, Whiskers. Unfortunately, Whiskers died of colic only 1 year later. Mel was devastated.

Feeling bad, her parents bought her another pony, this one was a pinto Connemara pony named Coca-Cola. Mel's dad's business was booming, therefore he made lots of money. Because of that, Mel began taking riding lessons. Then as soon as possible she began riding Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola, AKA Cola, and Mel had created a great bond, but when Mel turned 8, she outgrew her best friend. On December 20, 2008, she watched her best friend leave. Fortunately just 5 days later, on Christmas Day, she was surprised with a mellow Arab. Gelding named Hippie.

Soon Mel moved to Surprise Arizona, where she obtained another horse. This one was a bay thoroughbred mare named Chance. Mel and her mom went on trail rides almost every day. Soon however, to Mel's dismay, her dad lost his job, and she lost her horses. The family was forced to move due to foreclosure, and the 11-year old girl was forced to withdraw from school.

They found a lovely home in Whitman Arizona, not far from Surprise. The house lay on 2 acres, and the previous owners had horses. Mel begged her parents for another horse, but her dad needed to find a job first. The family struggled through hard times, but luckily, on December 2, 2010, Mel's dad found a job at a nearby horse ranch known as the "Circle Y Ranch". Many times he brought Mel to work with him, and she enjoyed seeing the horses, as she dearly missed her's.

Today was January 12, 2011 (Her 12th birthday)... And this is where my story begins....

"Melissa!" Mel's mom called from the kitchen. She slumped down the stairs in her slippers, pajamas and bath robe.

"What?" She asked weakly. She folded her arms and closed her eyes.

"Happy Birthday Dear. Oh ya, So I need you to go out to the stable and get a big bag of pellets. The neighbor's ran out again." Her mom gave her a hug and jogged into the living room. Mel could hear her mom and dad whisper to each other.

Mel rubbed her eyes and walked lethargically out the back door, and into the cool morning air. Luckily, the grass was dry, because she was wearing her blue fuzzy monster slippers that she had gotten for Christmas.

The sun was high in the sky, so it was probably around 9 AM. Why did parents have to wake you up so early to work on your birthday? Why couldn't you sleep in until 2 or 4 like they did in movies and shoes.

She, now being awake a little bit more, blinked a few times, then pushed open the barn doors. The same boring barn, with nothing in it but hay and pellets. Mel suddenly thought of herself riding her horse Hippie down the trails with her mom. Those were fun times.

Mel quickly walked down the hallway. A dark figure darted in the corner of her eye. She ignored it and continued to walk. Suddenly a noise brought her attention to the stalls. They had barn cats, so it was probably that, although, Mel couldn't conceal her curiosity!

Suddenly, a tall head arose from the stall closest to her on the right, and she stumbled backwards. Quickly Mel grabbed onto the barn wall, and hoisted herself back up. She gasped, then jumped up and join. A slim bay head was looking at her. She slowly took shaky steps over to the horse, then held out her hand. The horse nickered, then tossed his head. Mel completely forgot about the pellets,and she ran out the barn door, across the yard, into her house, and into the living room where she looked at her parents surprised faces.

"Is he For-" She began. Her mom nodded and said, "His name is Elder." Both her parents smiled and said,"Let's go take a look at him." Then they stood up and led her out. An hour later, she was dressed, cleaned up, and on Elder. She was using the soft new leather saddle, reigns, bridle, and her amazingly comfy new boots and helmet. She had also borrowed a saddle pad and some horse wraps from her neighbors. Her parents watched in surprise, as she galloped gracefully on the beautiful horse's back. The cool wind in her face for the first time in years felt great.

Although she had ridden a few horse's at the Ranch, none of those horse's fit her as well as Elder. He galloped around the yard, then realizing he was tired, she slowed him to a trot, where she bounced around happily on his strong back. Her parents clapped and hollered. She waved and gave fake prom queen kisses.

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