Birthday :)

by Hannah S.

Here's the (true but edited) story of my 13th birthday ;)P.S. All names were changed!

"Happy birthday!" my lunch table greeted me as I sat down with my lunch.

"Thanks, guys!" I said, hugging them. They grinned. "Now, for the cupcakes!" said Molly, my best friend. I laughed as she reached into her lunch bag and brought out mini cupcake-shaped candies for all of us. We each grabbed a few from the pile in the middle of the table and sat down to talk.

"Happy birthday, Hannah!" it was the zillionth time I'd heard that between countless friends, random classmates, 6 teachers and calls from family. Now it was time for a little bit of birthday cake, and presents from my mom, dad, and brother.

I was expecting something to do with horses-I got something horse-related every year-but this year I was a little disappointed. I got 4 books, a purse, and $10.

Now of course, I was still happy and excited, but I'd been expecting something with horses.
After about 10 minutes of texting friends and starting a new book, my mom called me into the kitchen.

"Hannah, we have another surprise for you," my mom began. My dad nodded in agreement.

"We think you'll like it.." he said, then grinned.

"Well, you know how you've been asking to take lessons? Horseback riding?" I nodded. I'd been asking for riding lessons for as long as I could remember.

"Well we have been looking online at stables near us," my dad continued.

"And we've been looking into letting you lease a horse."

I looked up-I'd been watching my cat eat a bug-and grinned.

"SERIOUSLY!??!??!" I asked.

"Well I ran into one of my friends at Walmart today and she said we could do a half lease with her daughter. I know its not the same as owning, but you could finally start taking lessons. The horse we were looking at was an... Arabian? Yeah, I think she was an Arabian. Named Bella."

I jumped up from my chair and danced around the kitchen singing to the tune of my choir warm-up.

"I'm getting a horse, finally getting a horse!" My parents grinned as they watched me.

When, after about 15 minutes of jumping around singing, I was finally calm enough to thank them and hug them, then run upstairs to my room to tell my friend.

It had been the perfect birthday.

OK so I know that wasn't the best story, but I had to vent my excitement somehow! :) Thanks for reading and keep watching for the next Duchess!

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