Birdsong - Part 1

by jk442
(London, England)

I walked into school, careful not to step on the cracks, it was a game I played with my little sister before she got ill, after that it became a way of sending her luck, wishing her well, I suppose.

I saw Carrie dragging her boyfriend, Damien, away from a group of girls, my friends, most of them, who were winking and smiling mockingly at her. I was ashamed of them. I was part of the popular group, the uncool one that people talked about behind my back.

It got like that when they started teasing Carrie, we were best friends and I stood up for her, sometimes I think 'At least I'm still part of the group' but mostly I wish I wasn't, it's difficult, to say the least, to have your 'friends' be mean to you, I guess I never thought of it like that, until I didn't feel like I belonged anymore. Carrie said that was how she felt a long time ago, so we stuck together.

"Hey, Hon!" Tria called to me "You coming to the rally tonight?"

" 'course!" I shouted, I wouldn't miss the pony club rally for anything. Peri and I were doing really well.

"Why don't ya bring you're little sis, we can all have a game of footie, huh, Babe?" Lola-ray smiled mockingly at me, she was the only one who was openly rude to me, she enjoyed it, too.

She knew my sister, Ellie had a prosthetic leg, she had been rude to me a lot in the past few weeks, but this comment hurt the most, like being stabbed in the stomach. I just stared, open-mouthed, un-shed tears welling up in my eyes.

"Why don't you stick you're head down the toilet, Babe?" It was Carrie that came to my rescue, slinging her arm round my shoulders protectively.

"Oh, shut up, loser!"

"Ooh, I'm in pain! Hit me where it hurts next time!" Called Carrie sarcastically, in triumph as we waltzed off into English. Lola-ray shoved me over in P.E for that.

I stood happily in Peri's stable, he was my gorgeous bay thoroughbred, with a brown body which looked like it had been dipped in Peri Peri Sauce, hence his name, and a black mane and tail. I loved him to bits, he always had fun at rallies.

Carrie was going to one this time, on her grey mare, SeaSalt, for the first time in months. All of the kids who could afford it came to the rallies, all the cool people at school went.

"Hey, everyone!" Chirped the instructor, Eleanor, blonde hair swaying behind her, stretching to the small of her back "Carrie's back, and Andy, too! today we're-" Everyone screamed as a huge black horse galloped into the arena, three men chasing behind him.

Dramatically, he drew to a stop, inches away from Peri, who reared, white-eye, ears pined back, and the black horse mimicked him, they both did a sort of dance. Peri bolted and the horse cantered with him. At was a fast canter, the black horse was eating up the ground. Until now I had been mesmerised by him, but I came to life just before I realised what was happening. Peri was going to jump the arena wall...

One... Two... Three, Hup! Both horses soared over the fence, a 130 cm mountain of old timber. Or so I thought they would, the black horse, yes. Peri, no. He leaped with all his might higher, higher, like he was climbing it. But his best efforts weren't enough and his cannon bone whacked it sharply and he plummeted to the ground on the other side, with me on top of him.

Falling was all I remembered, and a sharp pain coming from a source unknown. And then, black.

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Jun 22, 2012
Hi jk442
by: Unicorn

Extremely well written! Such a strong opening with all the conflicts of Ellie, Carrie and the black stallion. Thanks for sharing.


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