by ponypersonpip

One day I was out on the yard with my 2 best friends. They had come over for a ride on my 7 year old grey pony billy.

We were watching him trot round the field happily when suddenly he started to gallop madly around the field then he slipped and he landed on his back! I was sooooooooo worried about him I rushed over and my best friends went and told mum.

She came rushing out the door to see me crying next to him. We called the vets and they came out and took him away. I really wanted to go with him but I had to get ready for the show I had been practicing for. But I could not compete with billy. I had to ride on my friend's father's horse vanity.

When we got back we had some sad news. Billy had to get put down. I was devastated and I refused to get anther horse. Billy was not a horse to be replaced.

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May 15, 2018
sooo sad!
by: horsehelp

I feel so bad for you! But billy would have wanted you to get a new horse. Maybe you could rehabilitate a rescued horse? Billy would be very happy if you did that.

Sep 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

Billy would have wanted you to move on... You will never forget billy, but you still need to get another horse. Please, for every person here! They know Billy would of wanted you to get another horse! I know how that feels! The devastation, knowing that no one could EVER replace your horse. You won't have the same relationship that you had with Billy, but you can have one like it... Every horse is a one of a kind.

Sep 15, 2011
im very sorry
by: lucinda

i'm very sorry about billy :( when did this happen?

Dec 01, 2011
by: Caroline Bailey

wow. that is really sad. I wish there had been another way to save him...

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