Big Sky Inspirations Greeting Cards

by Janine Rosenberger
(Star, Idaho USA)

Big Sky Inspiration Greeting Cards

Big Sky Inspiration Greeting Cards

Big Sky Inspirations offers Greeting Cards that feature scenic photography of horses and nature as well as inspirational scripture. Christian equestrians will love our cards.

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From Sydney at

When Janine told me about her cards, I visited the Big Sky Inspirations website and thought the cards were stunning! So I asked her to tell us more about her business.

How long have you been a horsecrazy girl? I've loved horses since I was 4 years old. Enjoyed them as a kid/young teen and then waited 25 years to get back into horses. Have been enjoying horses for the last eight years and love every minute of it!

What inspired you to start your company? I am the founder and I started the business in 2010. I was born and raised in San Diego County and lived there all my life. In 2010, we moved our family to Southwestern Idaho (Boise area) and have loved it since the day we arrived. Southwestern Idaho is definitely Big Sky country with expansive skies and dramatic cloud formations. Southwestern Idaho is also serious horse country.

Driving around is a delight viewing horses grazing, horse trailers driving by, trees changing color with the seasons, all under the canape of a magnificent sky! Thus, I began taking photos of this beautiful area. One morning while driving my kids to school I had a strong impression to combine my love of beautiful Idaho with greeting cards that would encourage and inspire the friends and family I wanted to stay in touch with, then the name, Big Sky Inspirations came to mind.

How do you find the beautiful photos for your cards? It started with me taking photographs driving around the area in which I live for the first 2 years. Then my sister and her family moved nearby. My sister, Jannette Tan, loved the beauty of Idaho as well and has enjoyed being an amateur photographer for awhile, so I started incorporating her beautiful photographs as well.

Last year, my sister started an internship under a professional photographer, Andrea Cobler, and I was delighted to include many of Andrea's amazing photographs.

This year I met a native Idahoan, Janice Hutchinson, who also enjoyed taking photographs of beautiful Idaho and have added some of her beautiful photos.

The most recent contributing photographer is a veterinarian who loves hunting, Danny Borders. I have made a couple cards with his photographs as well. In addition to five photographers in all, I have a dear friend from San Diego, Isabella Chamyan Ketenjian, who is a fantastic watercolor artist, and I have displayed many of her paintings on my cards as well.

Special Features of my cards:
I currently have nearly 400 different greeting cards, most of which feature Southwestern Idaho. Of this quantity, about 100 cards display much beloved horses!

Big Sky Inspirations greeting cards feature a full color photograph on both the front and back of each card as well as a grayscale photograph on the inside and are made of high quality card stock. Stated on the back of each card are the location where the photo was taken and the photographer who took that photo.

Do you have horses now? Yes, I have a wonderful mare named Abbi. She is an excellent trail horse, and we have developed a strong bond over the last three years. She has been a model for many of our cards, and I love her dearly.

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Feb 28, 2016
by: Anonymous

These cards are beautiful and by the way what is horse bowl?

Feb 12, 2016
I have a prayer request
by: Anonymous

I have a horse bowl comp tomorrow, if u could pray it goes well?

Aug 10, 2014
Love to hear what you think!
by: Sydney from

I think her cards are beautiful. What do you think? Which ones are your favorites?

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