Big dreams are possible - Melanie and Blush

by Romah

Early one summer morning Melanie, a young and talented rider, was walking through the stables to see her new palomino show pony.
Blush was standing in the sunshine while the light glistened on his golden coat.
Melanie ran up and hugged him then Buttercup her little Shetland pony.

Buttercup stuck his head high to reach Melanie’s pocket and he found a carrot. She pulled it out and the ponies started munching it. She grabbed Blush’s halter and slipped it over his head and led him out. As usual he tried to grab a piece of grass.

Melanie had a riding lesson in fifteen minutes. She tacked up Blush then she took the cover off her saddle and walked out to the arena where her instructor Myra was waiting for her. Myra was a loving lady that lived down the road from Melanie.

Melanie wasn’t strong enough to do up her girth this time she forgot to check it. As she put her foot in the stirrup then the saddle slipped and she fell. Myra came over and said “Are you ok?” Melanie stood up and said “Yeah I’m fine” Myra did her girth up. “Okay are you ready to hop on”

Melanie took Blush for a nice easy trail ride to cool him off then she took him back to the stable.
She gave Blush a wash a clean rug was put on him and a piece of hay was put in his paddock. Melanie had her usual stable chores to do. She finished mucking out the stables and paddocks. She then grabbed a halter from her tack box and got Buttercup. Melanie new that he had been down to a muddy dam so she had to wash him.

At dinner that night Melanie heard a knock who’s that she thought. She got up and opened the door. It was Jess, Jess was Melanie’s best friend and they took riding lessons together. The girls were always having sleepovers but this time Melanie wasn’t aware of it. “Come in” Melanie said.

Jess unloaded her pony Summer from the float and he reared up and bolted. “We have to find him” said Jess clearly panicking.
So they split up to find Summer.
They found Summer in the back of Blush’s paddock. They all new that Summer jumped the fence to get there.

They got all the ponies settled comfortably in their stables and calmed Summer down a bit but she was still constantly kicking the half door. Jess was going to stay with Melanie for three weeks.

It was the day of the show and the girls were braiding their horses manes and tails. Melanie was ready to compete. Blush leaped over the first jump while Melanie was urging him into a canter then once she finished she had a ribbon in her hand and Jess ran up to her and high-fived her.

Jess's show had been canceled due to not enough people entered but the girls were okay with that. When they got home Melanie stuck a picture of her and Blush together on her wall with her ribbon.

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