Best Horse Show Ever

by Haley
(Salem, Oregon, USA)

Horse showing is one of my favorite things. But with 4-H, you get scores, not placings. Blues, reds and whites. No first, second or third. This was my first ever show with placings!

It was also my first ever show with my new horse. I had had her for 5 months and she was green. I was worried about how she would react to everything, but she was really good.

The first class was showmanship. Showmanship had never been one of my favorites, but I liked it. I groomed my horse, picked out her feet, brushed her long mane and we were ready. It took forever to get in the ring, adn the butterflies were insane!
When we got in the ring, I was totally focused. This was what we had been practicing for! We did our pattern as smoothly as possible then lined back up.

FINALLY every person had done the pattern. For placings, I would have been happy for 5th. The class was 10 people and 8 ribbons were possible. They called first place as I waited anxiously.
To my utter surprise, they called me for 2nd!! I was sooo excited!

I collected the ribbon and patted my horse. She nodded as if she'd been expecting the 2nd place. I was sooo happy! It wasn't the end of the show, but it was the best moment that I'd experienced in a long time.

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Correct Tips:)
by: Anonymous

To Megan:

Agreed, unless her 4-H is different helmets are only required if you are on the horse. Otherwise, hats are permitted. You can get a nicely fit used hat that is a 10x for $25 on ebay.

HOWEVER, her horse is an arabian and the breed standard says long mane, long bridle path and absolutely NO banding ever. A running braid is fine for english, but the mane should be down for showmanship, unless she is wearing her hunt clothes.

Past 4-H'r AND an arab and QH girl so I know my stuff--feel free to ask for advice anytime!

by: Anonymous

I am in 4h and they give out ribbons.

by: Megan

Okay first I don't want to sound mean or anything but first when you do showmanship you don't wear a hunt cap (that's your hat that your wearing in the pic) that's for English. Second I don't think it matters for 4-h shows but you need to clip your horse's mane and band it (I will post a story with pics on the link horse shows it will show you the proper way to have things look).

If you have anymore questions just comment on my story post.

PS. I used to do 4-h shows but now I do breed shows there super fun!!!!

by: Sydney

that's amazing! congratulations!

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