Best Friends

by abbieponypal

My first pony was a disaster! Jewel Fabio (show name) is a strawberry roan shetland who was previously
mis-treated. She was a broodmare before we bought her... well my mum's friend bought her for me for my 3rd birthday. The first time I rode her was the first time I ever rode and it didn't go well! Jewel started bucking and I fell off!

Now 7 1/2 years later I own Heidi, an Irish Sports Horse from Belgium, schooled by Georgia Burns,rode by Oliver Townsend and owned by top Scottish rider Gemma Kirk! Heidi has taught me how to jump,canter and my first gallop! Next year i hope to take her to some shows!

My friend Mhairi and I both ride and we love to go hacks at Croy Hill because we can see some of the Antonine wall!

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