Best Friends both horse crazy!

by Cameron

Me on Marbles first time together!

Me on Marbles first time together!

Me, Cameron (my name is from Cameron Diaz we`re both gals!) and my best ever friend Autumn have been friends since we were babies!

First of all, she got me into gerbils I got one and called it Sniffles. Then 2 years later 3 months after I got my 2 year old brown lab Sonny she got me HORSE CRAZY!!!!

I started going riding lessons and trail riding with her. A year later mum told me she was going to my cousins to cut her hair. I decided to go with her. On the way there I saw lots of cute ponies and horses. Now I know my cousin Claire has a horse and I could not wait to see it!

When I arrived her dad took me to his dads farm which was a 2 minute walk away. When we got there I met a wonderful pony called Marbles I asked to ride her and he said yes I was so happy! Now she is like my very own horse as I see her quite a lot.

A year later I moved to another country but I still here a lot of Marbles and my best friend. I have been away from them almost a year now. Hope you like my pic of me and Marbles!

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