Best Dog Ever

by Shelby
(Surrey Canada Bc)

I know this is not a horse story but i wanted to tell you how great my dog is!

Ok, So one day while i watching TV in my room, My mom and dad told Ryan(bother),Carly(sister) and i to come down stairs.

They told us that we might be getting a puppy. We were so excited!. We got in the van and drove for a while till we reached a huge house. When i looked through the small window i could see a white tail going back and forth.

We knocked on the door and a tall woman answered it. She told us were to find nakeda(the puppy).

We got to the kitchen and a Big puppy (like already 80 pounds)Anyway Nakeda jumped on my sister and started licking her. Its was so FUNNY.

Now almost 3 years later the huge alasken malamute it still here. She will be 4 on march 11

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