Ben - The Real Story Behind His Past

by Meagan

Ben is an appaloosa gelding that came all the way from New Jersy to a forever home in Massachusetts. My horse back riding trainer, Lisa, rescues horses and nurtures them back to health. So Lisa was looking at a herd of appaloosas in New Jersy. She had really liked the herds lead mare so she had bought her. But she also liked the stallion A LOT but the man that was selling him said he couldn't even put a halter on the horse. So Lisa left without him. Later that week Lisa was looking on the internet for horses up for sale. She had found a lady that had bought Ben and was trying to sell him. It was a friend of Lisa's so she called the lady and asked how much money she wanted for Ben. She had already sold him to a man who slaughters horses. Lisa asked for his phone number and called him. She asked if he had a dun stallion on the slaughter truck, there was Lisa bought Ben and named him leagally "Woulda BEN Dun" but for short we call the new, seven year old, school, gelding Ben. Ben isn't EVER leaving.

-True Story

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