bellasara trading cards rocks

by katy

hi i am katy and i have alot of extras to trade i have like 200 cards and suppose to get more in a couple of weeks cause i am going to order some more. there regular cards i have extras of 4 now but if i get any shineys i will let everyone know.

i also have a group if anyone is interested just email me if u would like to know the homepage for the group. i have been collecting the cards since they came out so i need shineys and promos and what ever i am going t be missing in the 9th just cant wait to get the cards in the mail. if anyone wants to trade cards please let me know. or buy. cause i trade and sale my cards.

Note from Sydney's mom: I had to take out your email address. We can't publish email addresses due to the Children's Online Privacy Act, a federal law in the U.S. If you want to post a website that is fine.

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