Bella Sara - You will love it!

by Beth

If you haven't seen/heard of Bella Sara, you'd better go to it now!

Bella Sara is an amazing fantasy horse website. On the website you unlock precious new horses and ponies by collecting real Bella Sara Trading Cards.

Each card holds the picture of a beautiful, magical and life-like made horse printed on the colored-card and at the bottom says a touching saying from the horse itself. Then you find an activation code.

You enter each card's code on to the Bella Sara website and receive your horse. You can feed, care, train and do many more with your collectible horses!

The website also has updates on new things for customers!

It also contains a world where you use your arrow keys to move your own character around. You can dress yourself the way you want - fantasy like or just like yourself! - and begin adventures. Meet the horses and queen Bella herself and take the lead of unlocking exciting things for your cottage!

The cottage is your home. There, you can decorate it buying things from the Bella Sara virtual store with your virtual Horseshoes. You receive Horseshoes by unlocking card codes! Accessorize you and your cottage with your money.

You never know, free things may come to you in your adventures of Bella Sara!

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by: Heather

you can also get horse shoes by planting seeds and harvesting is fruit (or whatever it produces) and selling it to Mr. Bartholomew and also doing stuff for the other characters.

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