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by Sydney a horsecrazygirl
(Florida USA)

For my fellow Bella Sara fans, I thought I would share the latest newsletter from Canter Hollow:

Hello Bella Sara friend,

This is Penny Inkwell, your faithful friend, reporting from Canter Hollow. I can't wait to tell you all about what's happening in North of North.

Native Lights Value Box There's been a lot of chatter around here about KEETOOWAH. Since I didn't know what Keetoowah meant, I had to look it up in the Bellapedia. All part of a reporter's job, you know. Then I sniffed around and got to the bottom of the story. Keetowah is a horse, and is featured in something called a Native Lights Value Box. Wow! I don't know what that is, but I want one.

Steampoppo migration is forecast for the middle of April. They're so cute and funny! You'll be disappointed if you miss it. Apparently they're arriving early in time for the gathering of Magical Friends in June. Keep watching for updates

NEWS FLASH! Everyone knows Falcha and her magical friend Astral Gazoox disappear together frequently, but this time they,re long overdue! Four of Falcha's friends: Brigid, Notos, Boreas and Morongo, are scouring the land, sea and air for their lost friend! Please join their QUEST in order to bring her home in time for the gathering of Magical Friends in June.

Uh-oh, mom's calling. She wants me to help fold laundry. Gotta dash.

Until next time, play and be happy!

From your best friend in North of North,

Penny Inkwell

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