Bella Sara Fun

by Natalie

My friends and I have fun playing a game called Who's Higher. It's kind of like war. What you do is you shuffle up all you Bella Sara cards and hand them out evenly to every person thats playing.(If you have a/an extra card leftover put it to the side.) Next everyone makes sure their cards are in their own deck. They are not aloud to look at them or order them. You all say at the same time "Bella Sara Draw!" when you finish the word draw everyone puts down a card. Look at the drawings on the top right side of the card. Whoever has the most health wins. Id their is a tie the two or more tied people put down three od their cards face down and them flip the last one over after saying "Bella Sara Draw" Then whoever has the highest heath wins all of the cards they placed down plus all the cards the other person put down. If its another tie you will redue. At the end of the game the winner is the one with the highest amount of cards. If you run out of cards you lose.

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