Bella Sara by Bethhannyy!!

by Bethany

Bella sara is absolutely amazing! I have, like, over 80 cards at the moment! I am going to buy a pack of Starlight cards soon when I get my pocket money!

This is 100% thumbs up to all ages! I'm 10 years old. If you think it's babyish and you're my age or slightly a few years older, it's not. You don't even have to go online. You can just collect the cards!

Bella sara is a card collecting game. You collect cards which have millions and I mean MILLIONS of horses from the magical land of North of North. Together, Bella the queen horse and Bello the king horse (I'VE GOT THREE BELLO'S ONE SHINY :D!!) roam the land. Sara is the goddess of these magical horses.

Collect cards and enter their rare and unique code online. You can play games with them with your friends too!

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by: Anonymous

do you have the Bello code? I REAALLLLLLLLLLLLY need it THANKS!


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