Being Horseless

by AHorseLovingGirl

Part One

Scanning.. scanning.. got one! I found one new horse book from the whole library. The WHOLE library. I've read all the others, so it's fun to change it up once in a while.

"Ready to go, Mila?" Mom asks.

"Yeah, I found the book I wanted." I pull out my library card as I say that and head to the librarian to check out.

"Thank you." She says.

"Thanks!" I reply, excited about this precious horse book. The last one. I will treasure it as my own.

During the car ride, you can guess that I read it the entire way home.

"You're gonna read it all before we even pull in the driveway!" Mom exclaims, looking at how far through the book I am.

I just laugh. She doesn't understand. She doesn't like horses, not one bit. When she sees me on one, she always tells me, 'Be careful! And wear a helmet!' Oh mom, if you just loved them as much as I do.

On my bed, I set the horse book to the side and look around the room. Model horses, horse posters, horse curtains, horse drawings, horse backpack, horse everything. I have a small shelf of books across the room with horse books on it. You have probably noticed by now but - I'm horse crazy.

I have a friend, thankfully, that's horse crazy too, but she's not as crazy about them than me - than I'll ever be. Just recently when she got a horse of her own, her horse craziness has dropped. She isn't as crazy about them as she used to be. I believe she's getting bored of them, but she says she isn't. Why would I believe her? It clearly shows.

"Mila! Jenna's on the phone!" Mom yells from downstairs.

"I'm coming!!" I yell back. Racing down the stairs I almost topple over Mom, who's just waiting for me to take the phone out of her hand.

"Hello!" I say cheerfully.

"Hey, Mila! I just wanted to invite you over to my house, either today or tomorrow will work. Can you come?"

"Oh, that's awesome! Let me ask my Mom first." I hear her say 'okay' as I move it away from my ear.

"Mom, can I go to Jenna's house today?"

She thinks for a second, then answers, "Sure, that'll be alright. When will you be back?" I bring the phone back up to my ear and ask Jenna.

"5:00?" She questions.


I bring it back down and tell mom. "That'll be okay." Mom nods her head. I smile and continue talking, until I hang up and get ready to go.

This. Is. Awesome. My first time this year riding a horse. I might even make a record this year! (which would be going riding TWICE!)

Please comment if you want part 2! And this is how I feel ALL. THE. TIME. (I'm horseless just like Mila in the story!) :(

Part Two

"Mila you made it!" Jenna exclaimed and ran out to the car.

"Yeah! I wouldn't miss coming here for the world! You have a HORSE! Can't you believe it?!" I replied. The shine on her face slowly faded away.

"Oh, uh, yeah. Wanna go inside?" She asks.

Inside? INSIDE?! Take me where the horses are! "Can we go see the horses first?" I just had to ask. Jenna shrugs.


Told you so. Her horse craziness is leaving her! She's sinking, and I have to bring her back up to the horse world. Great analogy, Mila, just great.

"She is SO pretty, Jenna!! I am SO jealous of you, you do NOT even understand!" Joy overflowed in me as I stroked the beautiful blue roan Quarter Horse.

"Yeah. So... ready to go in now?" She asks. Nope. She doesn't understand. I had to let it out.

"Jenna Thomas. Do you not remember when you were horse crazy?! You LONGED to be around horses and daydreamed about them just like me. Now what do you do? You stop loving them with all your heart and soul. How do I feel? You've changed. You are NOT the same person. What could make you not like them anymore?"

Okay, so maybe I said too much. But how could I help that? I was defending the old friend of mine who USED to LOVE horses! She looked shocked.

"Mila! You cannot say a word about me when PEOPLE CHANGE! I'm moving on, is all! I got my dream and now I'm done. I'm selling him, and that's final! Take him! I don't even care anymore." Jenna says so suddenly that Mila can't even take in what just happened. She took that way to seriously. Well, I went way to far too.

"Home early?" Mom asks once I enter the house.

"Yeah." I mumble and head up the stairs.

Maybe I should've asked how much that horse costs? Too late. I already broke a friendship - I can't cause any more problems than I already did. Good job, Mila. You did great. I feel TERRIBLE. And to top it off, I don't even know the horse's name. Like that matters right now. I have a friendship to attempt to heal... or do I?

Part Three

"Mila...can I come in?" Mom said softly outside my door.

No! She couldn't come in! I was NOT ready to face her... though it would be nice to get some advice... I groaned.

"Oh, okay," I slump back down into my pillow on my bed.

"What's the matter, sweetie?" Mom sits down on the bed as she says that. I sit up a little.

"I lost my best friend in two ways - that's what's the matter!" I informed her. Mom thought for a second.

"Hmm... and what were those two ways?" I took a deep breath.

"She hates me."


"She hates horses."

Mom gave me a quick hug. "Well? How did she start hating you?"

Anger rushed up into me. Was she blaming me for this? Thinking that I was the issue here?!

"You SHOULD'VE asked, 'How did she start hating HORSES!!!'" I snap. Mom looked speechless for a minute, then, understanding.

"Oh I see." She says softly. What does "she see"?!?!

"So that's why she hates you. Well, at least YOU think she hates you." O.M.G. She actually knew. But seriously?? Jenna DOES hate me!

"Why do you think she hates you, Mila?" I take another deep breath.

"Because I told her straight out how she was acting." I mumbled. I was starting to realize that this didn't had to have turned out the way it did.

Dialing the phone I wanted to apologize to Jenna. No answer. One more time... no answer. What was she thinking right now? That I hated HER? Or that SHE hated ME? I tried ONE more time... I got an answer! Only not from who I wanted it to be.

"Yes? Mrs. Thomas speaking," I froze. Not from shock, but from not knowing what to say... more like, dumbfounded.

"Hello?" She says again. I had to say SOMETHING.

"T-This is m-me, Mila." I start. OK, so that was a start.

"Oh hello, Mila... want to speak to Jenna?" She was speaking as if she knew why I called... and I was afraid she did.

"Y-yes please." I answered. I here footsteps pounding, the yelling of Jenna's name, then finally, an annoyed "hello".

"Jenna, it's me, Mila. Look, I'm sorry for exploding like that. I just... well, it was stupid. I really am sorry-" I got cut off.

"Sure, apology accepted, but I don't want to be your friend and that's final. You were right - what you did was stupid." She hung up.

What was wrong? I said I was sorry, and I DID mean it, and she even accepted! I guess she's annoyed with me talking about horses so much. It was a lot easier to be friends with another horse crazy girl.

"How'd it go?" Mom asked as I enter the kitchen.

"It was 50% good and 50% bad." After that, I explained everything. She got it. Moms just... I don't know... get it!

I went up to my room and thought about her horse. She didn't want him. She wants to get rid of him. I want him. I want to own him. Could I?

I really don't know. I mean, we have the space outside with the old barn and all, just not the money. Maybe I could raise money to feed and keep the horse here? Ideas went through my head as I made up my plan to get that horse - whatever his name was.

Part Four

I let my mind wander the rest of the night with ideas - though some crazy, still ideas. What can I say? I have a dream and no one's going to stop me! I went to bed with a smile on my face that night, satisfied with the ideas I had.

"Mila, get ready for school!" Mom knocked on my door like a million times.

Wait... school?? I jumped out of bed and raced to the bathroom door and changed, brushed my teeth, and did my hair. After that, grabbing my backpack and running downstairs. From the look on my mom's face, she was surprised.

"Wow. 10 minutes." She looked shocked.

Yeah, I'm a country girl and all, but I take my time getting ready in the morning - at least a half hour, so ten minutes? That was amazing.

"Why are you in such a hurry, sweetie?" Mom asked.

I grabbed an apple and turned to her. "I, uh, just wanted to go see Jenna before I went to school today." I fake smiled as I dashed for the door.

"O...kay.. Have fun! Bye!" Mom said.

"Bye I love you!" I yelled as I got onto my bike. I didn't want to see Jenna. Actually, I didn't want to see her ever again, but that horse was to die for.

After riding for a while I finally made it to Jenna's house. "I didn't know they had THAT car." I thought as I walked over to her small stable. I heard laughing from inside the house and curiosity got the best of me. I peeked in through their window and I saw the one and only Ashley. Laughing with Jenna.

Ashley was the "popular spoiled girl" at our school. We called her that, but obviously Jenna changed her mind about her. I wasn't one bit jealous on Jenna... I was jealous of Ashley.

But why should I be? Jenna hates horses now - what WAS there to be jealous of? Well, that was simple. Friendship. Jenna was my one and only friend and we both seemed like friends for life. Two peas in a pod.

I forced back tears thinking of the memories me and Jenna had together. Then I heard that beautiful sound. A nicker came from the stable as I slowly approached it. It was her horse - excuse me I mean the one she doesn't love anymore and that she's selling.

This horse loved her - it was clear, but Jenna didn't. This poor horse wants her - but she doesn't want her. I didn't know if this horse was a girl or boy but I didn't mind. It was beautiful, that's all that matters.

Continued in Comments section

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Aug 15, 2017
I Too Once Felt Your Pain
by: hundreds of horses

Last year, and two years before, I was horseless as well. I rode for two years, but then my mother made me quit due to expenses. I was horseless for two more years:(

I, as in your story, hid myself behind horse posters, toys, models, pillow cases, collectibles, stuffed animals, and all the above, (I even had and still have horse tub toys).

I was miserable, but this year, I retake horse lessons on a doll of a pain horse gelding. I just recently, like a week ago went to my first horse show (flat class). I got sixth in walk/trot equation and third in the walk/trot/canter flat class!! :)

Feb 13, 2017
I feel your pain
by: Anonymous

Great story! I'll be looking around for more parts! I totally feel your pain for no horse. I almost never get to ride at all.

Feb 13, 2017
Great Story
by: Anonymous

This is awesome! I have like two friends with horses and they love their horses (that's a good thing). But I don't have a horse and I don't get to ride either. AHHH I feel your pain, Mila!

Jan 24, 2017
by: AHorseLovingGirl

Thanks hoofbeats! And your welcome, Runaway is a really good story! I'll be posting the next part soon. :)

Jan 22, 2017
LOVE it!
by: hoofbeats

I LOVE it! Thanks for commenting on Runaway!

Jan 18, 2017
Being Horseless - Part 5
by: AHorseLovingGirl

I got to school in about 5 minutes. Laying down my bike, I looked over my shoulder to see Jenna with Ashley getting out of the car.

"Oh you are TOO funny, Jenna. Want to meet MY friends?" I heard Ashley say to Jenna. Jenna's mother had a concerned look on her face.

"Sure." I heard Jenna reply.

She. Did. Not.

I wanted to stop her from making this mistake, but I couldn't. Our so called "friendship" was already broken, and this would make it worse. I just wanted the old Jenna back. I was gonna wait until she was by herself, then confront her... that is, if she ever leaves Ashley's side.

"May I have your attention please?" Our Science teacher said. I looked up to her - she had long black hair and brown eyes with glasses. She smiled as everyone quieted down.

"Class, I am giving you all an assignment of writing a report - in groups! So I will give everyone a partner, and since there is an odd number, we will have a group of three. You will choose an animal to write a report on together. Here are the groups: Ashley and Megan will be one, Brian and Josh..."

She kept on naming groups until I finally heard my name. "And Jenna will be with Mila. Does everyone have that?" Our teacher asked.

No. She. Didn't.

I looked back to Jenna and she had her face looking down at her desk. Now I felt kind of bad for her, but when I remembered her horse, I knew what I had to do.

Part 6 will be posted soon everyone! :) Thanks for reading :D

Jan 15, 2017
by: Anonymous

Wow, great story!

Jan 10, 2017
Being Horseless - Part 4 continued
by: AHorseLovingGirl

By the time I made it into the stable I knew I had to leave judging by the sound of the door and voices getting louder towards me. I ran to my bike and rode away. I went over my plans to get that horse again from last night. Maybe it WILL work? All I can do is hope.

THAT'S IT FOR PART 4! Hope you enjoyed :) I'll post part 5 sometime later! :D

Dec 20, 2016
Being Horseless - Part 3
by: AHorseLovingGirl

I've been busy lately, guys, so I'm sorry for not updating very quick. Hope you enjoyed! :D Comment for part 4!! :D

Dec 15, 2016
Hey hoofbeats!
by: AHorseLovingGirl

Yes of course, I'll write a part 3! I'm glad you enjoy reading it! :D

Dec 14, 2016
part 3?
by: hoofbeats

Are you going to write part 3? I would LOVE to read it!

Dec 13, 2016
by: AHorseLovingGirl

Cool, Sisco's Gal! And I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :)

Dec 13, 2016
by: Sisco's Gal

Awesome story! I don't have a horse, either

P.S. Sisco is my cousin's horse. He is my favorite horse.

Dec 11, 2016
To Anonymous
by: AHorseLovingGirl

Wow! 30 horses! That would be so awesome!!!! And I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :)

Dec 11, 2016
Being Horseless - Part 2
by: AHorseLovingGirl

Part 2 is up!

I'm sorry guys for not updating sooner! I've been busy, and I am SOOO glad you all enjoyed it!! :D Hope you enjoyed part 2! Bit intense, wasn't it? :)

Dec 10, 2016
by: hoofbeats10

I feel the same way too! I'd love to hear more!

Dec 09, 2016
Write Part2!!!
by: Anonymous

I love your story! You should really write the second part! I love horses, too! My family has around 30 horses and I ride every day and you can't ever get tired of them! I love your story, write the second part please! :)

Dec 07, 2016
part two!
by: Anonymous

Part two please! I feel this way all of the time. If you look in my room, you will see a lot of horses!

Dec 06, 2016
by: heartbeat for horses

Totally me! I have read almost all of the horse books in the library. I ride twice a month.

Dec 05, 2016
part 2 please!
by: hoofbeats

I LOVE it! Don't worry I'm also horseless too. :(

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